Thursday, August 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Kerry!!

Today I decided to pay bills and run some errands. Hey, I know some people do that every day, but not me. So, it was a big day! I found a whole shoebox full of things that belonged to Mel a couple weeks ago, and I've been meaning to take it to her ever since. Today was the day. I needed to get a birthday card for Kerry, then grab some lunch and head to her house. I thought I'd grab some grub for her birthday, since I'm always late getting gifts. I also had to return a book she laned me about Hall County. She and Brad are going to a shoot this weekend in Logan, and a woman who sells the old fashioned clothes will be there and I want Kerry to get me a couple skirts. They are so beautiful. I've seen Kerry's and fell in love. I love to wear long skirts to church! We all wore long skirts back then, me, Dodie, Sudie, and Dorothy all wore pretty dresses to church, along with everyone  else. Well, the ladies, at least! I grabbed lunch from Schlotsky 's. When I got to Kerry's, I realized I'd forgotten the book I should have returned. NUTZ! When I got to the back door Kerry was getting off the phone with a friend who had called to wish her a happy birthday. Uh oh... I forgot the birthday card! NUTZ!

The Schlotsky were fantabulous! I love the small original with no onion. Yummy, yummy, yummy... I needed to go to Target and Office Max for some other things, Kerry suggested the ones on L Street. Good idea old bean. We went to office depot, which to Kerry and I is like a guy going to a home-grown place. We looked all over and we found what we wanted . I needed photo paper 8 x10 and 4x6. Kerry had some 8x10, that saved some money! I wanted to get a bunch of notebooks. I ended up getting 4, they were 99 cents each/ buy 3, get 1 free. Not bad, they were 16 cents at Shop last week. When I had no money. It worked out okay. Plus Target had Spam which both Wal-Mart superstore and the neighborhood market were totally empty. At Target I got 6 cans and a giant can of Nutella. I heart there's a shortage of hazelnuts, their predicted crop went down to 40,000,000 tons  versus 900,000,000 they usually produce. I thought I better grab a couple but one was enough.

Then I took Kerry with me to Mel's. The last time I remember her shoebox of things it was still on the table at my house. Right where I left it. I'll have to try it again , next week. NUTZ !

By the time I got home, I also forgot to take a note for Dr Snow to fill out, and to mail my tithing. Normal day for me!

We reheated burritos we've been eating since Monday. Thank goodness they're gone, I loved them but three dinners in a row? 😵

This evening Rachel was doing some splits with the sister missionaries, their appointment wasn't home, so they came over to my house instead, so Rachel did the lesson! Now they don't need to all come over tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have to mail my tithing, take the form for Dr Snow, and grab some salad stuff and tater tots for dinner with the missionaries at our house tomorrow. Grab several birthday cards and mail one to Kerry!!!   I think it'll go better this time around? Good night

Friday, August 1, 2014

I'm Not Lost

I have to admit, I've had some days, okay, weeks that have been pretty sucky in the past month or so, but seriously, I am feeling better. Like, really better. No, no, no... I don't think what I've experienced is a "cure",  but I wish I had gone to the new rheumatologist long ago. Like last year when my friend, KH,  told me to give him a shot. Not literally, of course.

The road hasn't been without potholes, some you could lose a VW in, but I'm getting there. As a matter of fact, today, August 1, 2014, I did not take ANY pain medication until 10 PM.  That's right, at night! That's 2200 hours for you military minds. I didn't just lay in bed all day, either! No, sir! Steve was gone until about 12:30, so I did take my sweet time getting up today. It was about noon, but I stayed up late reading, so I slept until 10, got up, let the dogs out, and then went back to bed to read until he got home. You have to admit, bed is the most choice place to read. It's my favorite place...

After Steve got home I got dressed and we went to the company store. We got some awesome deals... The Banquet cheddar broccoli potato bake, which I love, had damaged cases for $2.00.  Oh yeah... 24 for $4! The lowest price I've seen at the store has been 89 cents each at Target a few weeks ago; usually $1.00 each at the Wal-Mart Marketplace. We also got six 3 - packs of Healthy Choice frozen yogurt, strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry. I love that stuff!

After we got home we unloaded everything and put everything in the freezer, then we went to Tractor Supply for dog food, then to Wally World looking for a part for the vacuum sealer, then home. We hung around the house until a little after 6, and then went to a fireside at the Mormon Trail Center where they were showing the movie, 17 Miracles. It was an amazing, testimony strengthening movie about the Willie - Martin handcart company, which traveled to Utah in 1856.  It was a very inspiring movie, but also very sad. The next time I feel like my life is impossible, I want to remember the hardships these people went through and what an amazing amount of faith they had that  God would not desert them.

Yes, people died, but not because God didn't love them or didn't hear their prayers; but because they had so much faith their burdens were lifted so they could return to Him. The miracles that kept the rest of the company alive were just that - miracles. If I had been watching the movie at home, instead of with about 200 other people, I would have cried a lot more than I did. Awesome, awesome movie! This is one movie I want to see again. I must own it!

Now we will see how I feel tomorrow. I did take one of my old pain meds when I took my bedtime meds. I wasn't pain free and I was too uncomfortable to fall asleep, but I feel GOOD!

We got to see Sister Tune (Tun-ay) tonight, which was wonderful! Sister Winterton and Sister Jensen (Jenson?) are going home next Thursday. I'll miss them even though they haven't been in our ward for a long time, they were sweet girls who I enjoyed having in our home.
And now?


Friday, July 4, 2014


Celebrating the 4th of July in our own way. Three years ago tonight we took Hailey to her first fireworks show. She was 10 months old and slept through the whole thing! We sat on Maple Street at about 140th and watched the fireworks from The Champions Club golf course. Tonight, we stayed home. No fireworks for us, but plenty in the neighborhood. I guess that's just a sign of our old age. We should have gone, the weather today was gorgeous, breezy and cool... Nice.

We started the day with a waffle and pancake breakfast with strawberries and blueberries at church. It was a nice breakfast, but a bit too early for my taste - 8 a.m.! Yikes! Meg has borrowed my car for the past couple days, so she brought it back and spent the day with us. Steve smoked a brisket YUMMY! Tom came up and helped Steve take out another one our dead pines. I loved those trees when we moved in, they shaded nearly the whole back yard and kept the house nice and cool. They were so pretty and lush, you could always smell pine outside on the back porch. Now there's another one gone, one more dead, and another one mostly dead. That will be the end of the beautiful pines...

Anyway, Tom stayed for dinner, Meg was here, and mom and Bob came over. Mom had baked a red cake to make up for the one she didn't make for his birthday since she was recuperating from surgery, but she used canned frosting - which had gone bad or something... she apologized for not having one about 100 times. Brought plates, which were for the cake that she couldn't bring because of the frosting... okay by me, but I know she was disappointed. Then she spent 10 minutes talking about how good the brisket was and how she'd never had brisket before... which, of course, she has had - at our house. I know, I forget a lot, too. Sometimes I have more patience than at other times. It was a great day, and a wonderful dinner.

Just a small personal message here.  I love my country, love the freedoms we enjoy here...  I never, ever thought in my lifetime this country would be in the mess we're in now. We have no leader, at least no one with the leadership skills that are needed for this place in time. The whole world is going to hell in a handbasket, and our so-called president is playing golf or on another multi-million dollar vacation with his worthless family. It disgusts me. HE disgusts me. I'm afraid for my children and grandchildren, afraid and sad. I hope we truly get rid of this piece of work in 2016, that he hasn't managed to totally decimate the Constitution and eliminate the two-year limit. I pray every night that we can rid this country of the infestation of evil from within. I truly hope the morons that voted for Obama simply because he was black (well, half black), don't vote for Hillary Clinton simply because she's a woman. I'm not even sure she's half a woman.... End of rant.


I've been working really hard to try and give this Tramadol a fair shake. I've been using only Tramadol, twice per day, just like he took me. When I called for the appointment today and I just got fed up. I have the pain, take the meds, nothing works. I don't notice any change in my pain level when I do take it.Lets hope we get to try something that can help. If he wants. Maybe percocet or Anvenza. Anything will help. Except shots, but when the pain is bad I'll try anything.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sleepless in Omaha

It was another sleepless night last night. I hate not being able to sleep. It's not like back in my reckless youth when I'd work all day, go out with friends, and then decide to drive to Minneapolis, get there early in the morning, run around all day and finally crash into oblivion for 4-5 hours and be ready to go.  It's awful. I take all my meds, get into bed, we watch a couple episodes of Parks and Recreation, Steve cons out, TV shuts off... I close my eyes and try to empty my head..... Nothing. I check my watch, a little after midnight. Close my eyes... Bitsy, our mini dachshund, inches her way up from my feet, slowly, slowly, until she's ready to jump up on Steve's pillow. I catch her, put her back on her blanket and lie down, close my eyes... immediately a line from some song starts repeating itself over and over and over in my head... Who sings that? I get up, Google the lyrics to find out the band. Great. Now I can sleep. Check the time, 1:22 a.m. crap. Close my eyes... Start thinking about how awesome it was that my dad saw angels in his hospital room before he died. Uh oh... I miss my dad!  My eyes start leaking and tears are running in my ears. If only Ben were here... Now the tears are really coming and my nose is starting to run. I'll never have another dog that I'll love the way I loved him. S tasting to sob, so I get out of bed, so as not to disturb Steve and sneak into the bathroom, trying not to wake Heidi and Buttercup, because they'll think it's morning...  I finally quit crying, blow my nose, wipe my eyes, and go back to bed. I close my eyes...  The jukebox in my head starts all over, I'm so dizzy, my head is spinnin', like a whirlpool, it never ends.  I'm so dizzy... NO! I sit up to check the time. Almost 3 a.m. what was in that Ambiem bottle? Sugar pills?  CRAP!  I heard Buttercup snorting and walking around.... who do you build me up, build me up, Buttercup Baby, just to let me down..... shut off the music in my HEAD!,,,,  I just want SLEEP!!! Now it's almost 4 a.m. only 2 hours until steve will wake me up when he gets up. It got quiet, the voices in my head start talking again. No, I'm not schizophrenic, either... obviously, no sleep  tonigh

Sometimes a little sleep can go a long way. Unfortunately not just tonight. At least I'm yawning tonight!,,

Monday, June 9, 2014

Is Laughter Really the Best Medicine?

I got on Netflix tonight and watched a couple episodes of AFI (America's Funniest Videos) and then proceeded to laugh myself into a stomachache. I bet it's been 3 years since I was he'd it last and the shows I watched tonight we're way older than that, but they were FUNNY!

I didn't do anything today. Wait, that's a lie, I put away the dishes Steve washed yesterday.  That's it. I didn't really even get dressed, just put on a longer lounger sort of thing so if I had to take something out to the recycle bin my knickers wouldn't show. BWA HA HA!

I called the doctor today, but didn't hear back. I forgot to call him until after 3 though. I know, I know  you have to wonder how I forgot to call the doctor about my pain meds when I'm in so much pain, but that's part of the problem... when the pain is bad my brain turns to absolute slush. I can't remember anything - and I do incredibly stupid things. I had gone out to the kitchen to answer the phone earlier, it was my friend, India. We chatted a bit and I decided the wooden chairs were too uncomfortable to sit in, so I walked back to the bedroom and had just gotten all settled, with the dogs all around me (all the while talking to India) when I suddenly thought "Oh, I left the phone in the kitchen. I want it back here in case the doctor's office calls..." I was out of bed before I realized I was ON THE PHONE! I need a keeper...

Rolling Hills Ranch called again today to see if Steve and I would be interested in moving in. Boy howdy, would I ever! prepared meals all day, every day, housekeeping once a week, no stairs, laundry on the same level,  nice neighborhood, what's not to like? The only problem is they don't allow more than one small dog, and we have too much junk to get rid of quickly. I'd love to go through the storeroom in the basement, but I'm too afraid of the spiders I'm sure are lurking in there. I've seen two in our bedroom recently. Well, okay, one was in the bathroom, but it's attached to the bedroom. Yesterday Steve brought up clean laundry for me to fold and he put the basket in the tub for me to do later. I didn't do it today, and now I'm pretty sure the Arachnid family has moved into the basket and I'm afraid to fold the clothes. I hate spiders worse than snakes. I mean if I see a snake outside I'm really on its territory, right? But spiders have no sense that they're trespassing when they're in MY bathtub in MY house. Cheeky little freaks. I hate them.

Took a Hydrocodone tonight before going to bed. I want some relatively pain free sleep tonight. At least for an hour or so. Tomorrow I will get out of bed, maybe even get dressed and 《gasp》 try a short walk. That is, IF I feel better. Here's hopin'!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tramadol - No bueno.

Is the weekend finally over? I must call Dr Snow's office tomorrow and either increase this dose, try something stronger or just freaking shoot myself. Went to run errands and go to the store with Steve yesterday. MIS-take. Then my nephew came over about 8:30 and was here until 2:30 a.m.  I don't mind, we love him to pieces, but I should have gone to bed about 10.

Obviously, didn't make it to church this morning. Actually didn't make it out of bed until about 2 p.m. There was no way I was going to get out of bed with the pain I was in this morning. Seriously. Oh. My. God. It was bad. Took some Tramadol when I got up - nothing. Meg and Jason came over to watch a Formula One race, then Sue called and came over, (which finally caused me to HAVE to get up), then Tom stopped on his way home from a race in South Dakota... it was a busy afternoon, and I really was so not feeling like being gracious. Had major heartburn, which gave me a sore throat - although as I wrote this I Had a sneezing fit and my nose is burning.

Meg and Jason stayed for dinner, which Steve cooked, and it was fabulous! They left, Steve did the dishes, bless his heart, and then mom and Bob came over. I had finally taken another Tramadol, so I couldn't keep my eyes open. Why doesn't it work that way any other time? By the time they left, I was wide awake. Now, more pain. More meds and hopefully, sleep. Please. Sleep...