Thursday, July 19, 2012

The wedding of Meghan Leigh Kurtz and Jason Blair Witty has officially taken place! It was so beautiful, but I didn't cry. Not once! I was sure I would because for the whole week preceding the wedding I would cry at the drop of a hat, but that night, I made it all right! It was a nice hot day in July, and the day started with Molly and Meg hitting the big rock on the right side of the driveway, but it went uphill from there. Except Mollie lost her insulin and didn't get to stay too long at the reception. I was a little bummed about that. I really like Mollie, I wonder if we're ever going to see her again since she's moving to LA and on to a busy, busy life! She's a really nice woman. The darn photographer didn't get any family pictures. I'm a little bummed about that, but I hope he got other good ones. I know Mel said she thought the wedding would be a train wreck, but it turned out really quite nicely. I was supposed to buy sparkling juice for the toast and I totally forgot it. A toast can me made with water though and no one will know the difference, right? Sorry Meg. Jason looked very nice in his top hat - Seriously, I love it! I just could cry when I think about how much they love each other. I don't think anyone, no, I KNOW that no one has ever loved me like that. Good for both of them to find their special sweethearts when they're so young. I used to still think there was hope and that I'd find my someone special, but it never happened. I thought Steve was it, but after a couple years I realized I was wrong. Oh well, I love him. I guess that's what counts. Hailey and Vincent had a grand time dancing with the big people... I adore Hailey. She can do no wrong (yet) with this Nana. I love her to the moon and back, forever and for always. Katie called me from the Grand Island Home last Friday. Apparently, they were trying to get him to fax his signature and account number to them so they could give him a 300 loan. Luckily, he ran into Katie and he explained to her what he was trying to do. She called me and I called the credit union. I think that little problem won't crop up again! I hate doing things like this to dad, but he can't keep getting "loans" because then he won't have the money to pay his maintenance fee, not to mention replaying the loan. I'm sad about this whole stupid situation. I wish it were Missy who we could stick in a nursking home. Gad, she doesn't have much more going for her than dad does. Thank God she's not my problem. If she was, I'd leave her at the bus station. I'm sure from there she could find someone to take her home. ROFL. Well, we had a wonderful wedding and I know Meg and Jason are so happy! I can't think of any more to write. The ceremony was great, a perfect blend of Meghan and Jason, and their unity ceremony was awesome, just watching it bubble over and then saying how the molecules couldn't be separated, that was so them... I would never have thought o do something like that. I will find some pictures, they're all in my other computer though, so it may take time. I am talking to mom more. Well, anything would be more after not speaking for 10 years, wouldn't it? We'll see. There's still the matter of trust.. She and Fred didn't come up to the wedding. I would have thought Meg would be the last person to get ditched but I would have been wrong. With all their dogs and Fred's diabetes, etc., it just all piled up to make it impossible for them to make it. Rusty was here though. That was fun. He and Steve got to have a couple beers together and watch 3-D Zombieland - what a fun time was had by all... NOT. I think Steve is starting to see Rusty for what he is, Meg's brother and not for just being Buck's son. He caught on pretty fast, considering. Rusty said he wanted to be here since Heather's wedding was pretty much a train wreck, and he's glad Steve walked her down the aisle. I am too, but I still think when Hersch asked who gave this woman in marriage, he should have said, "Her mother and I do". Nothing to pick over though. Unfortunately, Bob didn't make it to the wedding. He got aick on Wednesday night. About 12:30 a.m. Carole called. Bob refused treatment with the ambulance, but Steve took him in anyway. He has a giant kidney stone that they can't smash until his kidney infection is gone. So, poor Meg has 3 grandfather's and not one made her wedding. She didn't need them though, she was radiant all by herself. More later.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

More Good News!

Matt and Magann are engaged! How cool is that? I'm so excited! Both my kids have found really good people to share their lives and I'm really happy for both of them Last I heard, they're looking at May 11 next year, date-wise, and they want to be married outside. I can't say that's a bad idea - for May, but I hope Meghan isn't too upset about it. July is just not a good outdoor wedding month. I think Mel and I are going to go to court and get a guardian for dad. Dad isn't the problem. Missy is the problem. Still. Again. Yet. Too bad I didn't succeed in suffocating her when she was a baby, would have saved a lot of people a lot of grief. What a waste of skin. That's about it! Looking forward to warm weather being here all the time. We already had one 70 degree day this year, but hen that's the norm instead of the exception, I'll be REALLY HAPPY! I got all the stuff for Hailey's Easter basket already. For once, I'm actually going to have it done on time! She's so funny. Last week when she was over Matt asked her what her name was, she says, "Hay Rae". "What's your last name?" "Fireball." Ha ha ha! Firecracker is more like it!!! We're going to have to get a bigger slide for her, she's almost too tall for the "baby" slide, although she still wants to get it out every time she's here. I wish we could afford one of those wooden swing/slide combination things, but that's not in the budget for this summer, for sure! Maybe when we have more than one grandchild...? ;-) Night-night....

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Tomorrow is MLK day, which in our house, is Meghan Leigh Kurtz day... I'm kidnapping her tomorrow since she has no school. Mel and I have some experience (2 each) so maybe we do know a little bit about wedding preparation! I'd like to get her down to Cornhusker Beverage and look at their invitations. She found some that she kind of liked. I'd like to get a couple ideas of things she likes so we can get some kind of idea about how much they're going to cost. Mel and I are paying for them and we need to work on Shower invites and stuff. I think we can get those done, doesn't matter what time the wedding is or where it is, in order for us to get the shower stuff ready! And I want to see if we can get her to take a look at the Omaha Police Union for the wedding and the shower. It may already be booked, but I think it would be great to have an option to a daytime outside wedding. We'll need to see. We saw Dale and Mel again when we took her CD case and floorlamp over to her house. I think Dale is a very good guy for her. More down to earth and someone who has boundaries for his son, Sam. That might do Mel a lot and give her something to think about. And, he's a christian, which I think is a FINE idea. Wish us luck tomorrow. Also, Please pray for Melissa. She's very very sick, Tony is worried and Lucy showed her concern by eating the seat to Melissa's scooter... Just what you need in a crisis, right? Love you all friends!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas Photos

I really should keep up with my pictures more often.

A Witty Wedding in the Works

Good Year? You Bet!

The year didn't end exactly as I had hoped, but I have great hopes for this year. I wrote quite a few posts that I just kept as drafts, it wouldn't help anything to put them on the blog, but it sure helped me to write them! I've decided this year things will be great. AJ came over for Christmas and we had a little talk - he's so smart, I love him. I'm not going to get sucked into the cesspool this year. I'm going to live my life, MY way and I'm not going to worry about what anyone else thinks. I only wonder what kind of drama Missy will invent when dad passes away and there's no stage for her to perform on anymore. It's kind of freeing to know I don't have to worry about it, it doesn't matter. The people I love in this family are the only people I'm going to focus on this year, the rest don't matter. If  you're not going to enrich my life, then there's no room for you. The End

Last night Steve and I were just soaking up the warmth in the basement and I had come upstairs for something when I heard the doorbell ring - I was kind of bewildered to see some guy I didn't know standing outside the window - I thought it might be the missionaries, but it turned out to be Mel and her date! What a great surprise! They had just had dinner at Grisante's and they decided to come over. Meghan was here working on her wedding stuff, so we all had a nice visit. Then Sarah came over and we all had a good time. Dale and Steve both enjoyed some of Steve's homebrew and we girls just enjoyed the company. The evening came to an end all too soon - I hope we can do that again sometime!

I went shopping at Kohl's and then to lunch and Village Inn with mom yesterday. The top she got me for Christmas had sheer sleeves, so I couldn't wear it, but I found another top that I loved even more. Lunch was good too - then I came home and took a nap with Ben, my favorite napping buddy.

Steve has discovered Aldi's has milk for $2.49, so that's his new favorite place to shop. The milk is good, but their store brand of Slim Jim's are not. Tomorrow we'll check out the store brand of pizza rolls - don't disappoint me, Aldi!

Today I slept late since I got to bed late, and when Steve got home from breakfast and the Ft. Calhoun gun show he scrubbed the living room floor. I love it when he does things like that! I want to get my hobby room cleaned out, but it's so cold in there... It was nice today and it will be nice tomorrow, but then back down into the 30s for highs during the day. I can't complain, we've had a very mild winter, very VERY mild. Like it was 60 degrees on January 6, how often does that happen? Not often enough!  I hate to admit it, but I do miss the snow. A blizzard would be good, but I don't need the -20 windchills, just a lot of snow and some blowing, enough to want to spend a day or so down by the fire, and then it can be warm again. I need to get some paper so I can work on my scrapbooks again. I need to start one for 2012. I didn't make one for last year... Does that make me bad? Hey, at least I'm finally past Hailey's ultrasound pictures in her album!!!