Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014

I haven't posted much about my fibro lately - rest assured, it's still with me! I have been doing better with the gabapentin, better than I had expected; but then the cold weather came. This past week has been hard. No, bad. Really bad. The past 2 days were cold and rainy, my version of kryptonite! Last Friday Hailey spent the night with us, and we so enjoyed having her. We took her to the ward activity, which was a breakfast with Santa, and she had great fun. When we got home Steve rolled out some store-bought cookie dough and they made some sugar cookies, she wanted to use the cookie cutters SO bad! She and Papa had fun doing that. Magann and Matt came over soon after and they took her home a little after noon. I then lay down on the sofa and slept for 2-1/2 hours. Think she wore me out much? 😊 it was very much worth it! I just had no more energy though. Weird thing about that, the pain is better, but the fatigue is terrible. Maybe worse than before. Poo poo, as Madeline would say.

I got a letter from Westroads Medical last month too - Dr. Snow is moving to a UNMC clinic on 175th  and Dodge. Two things. First, I don't like UNMC in any way, shape, or form. I've been taken by rescue squad to the hospital twice, and both times the care I received was terrible. For being "the" trauma hospital in Omaha, they suck. Number two,  his Westroads location was very convenient, the new one not so much. I don't want to change doctors again, so I'll deal with it. But I don't have to like it. I go see him on January 14, we'll see what can be done, if anything, about the fatigue. I've also noticed horrendous tinnitus. It's more annoying than anything, but it's really bad at night when we've been watching TV in bed and it shuts off and Steve is sleeping. Even if I have the radio on, set to go off in 15-20 minutes Steve says he can't sleep, so I need to shut it off. Hmmm, he was sure sleeping good enough with the TV blaring. I wonder if my meds are making that worse?

So, that's where I am fibro-wise.

It's about 3 a.m., so, if I say "yesterday" I mean Christmas Eve... We ended up going over to Sue and Smitty's for dinner. They had a nice spiral-bound ham with an apple cider glaze (that came with the ham). It was tasty! Everyone opened their gifts and we came home shortly after. It was nice. See? I can be nice! It's sure different not having Meg and Jason around! They'll be getting home on the 30th. They've posted a lot of pictures on Facebook. There's no snow on the ground in Lithuania, Estonia, or Latvia (as far as I can tell from the photos), but it does look cold, duh... They look like they're having a good time and keeping busy. I'll be glad when they get home!

We opened our gifts to each other. I got Steve his tomahawk, a fan for the wood stove, new stove gloves, a dachshund brewery sign, and a small fleece throw with dogs on it. Not one I made, just a small one from Target. He got me a 2 terabyte exterior hard drive. Woo hoo. Now, maybe I can do my Ancestry stuff on the big screen computer! Two terabytes! That's huge!

The only thing putting a damper on the day is that Bob has a terrible cold. I worry about him every time he gets sick. He is 86, and my dad is  gone. I'm not ready to lose Bob. Plus, as a rule, elderly people get sick and take longer to recover. Then, mom's memory is about as sharp as a bowling ball. When she first got to Sue's, mom commented on how nice the sweater was. I asked sue if it itched  she said it didnt, it was very soft, but it looked hair. I told her she looked like Sasquatsch. Haha ha? We all laughed about it at dinner wanted to know where she got it. Asked her if it was itchy! The whole 9 yards. Just like she hadn't asked because a 

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