Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy Boxing Day (A nod to my Canadian relatives)

Gas is down below $1.99 a gallon! In Nebraska! Woohoo! I had just under half a tank, went to QT and filled it for $21 and some change. Ecstatic would describe my mood after that. It can keep going down too, that would be wonderful. I wonder if we'll see groceries drop a bit. Usually when gas goes up, so does the cost of food and you hear on the news it's because of "transportation costs". I get that, but I find it odd that the price doesn't go down when oil prices go down. I'm just going to make an effort to watch food prices. Heaven knows they've gone through the roof lately.

Sony had their website hacked last week. The CIA or FBI or some other government agency that doesn't know their honey from a hole in the ground said it was North Korea, since the movie "The Interview" was supposed to premiere Christmas Day. It's kind of a spy spoof about these two men who go to NoKo to interview their leader Kim Jung Un, or whatever his name is, but someone contacts them to assassinate him instead. It only saw a commercial a few times, so that description may not be totally accurate, but we've been led to believe the premise of the movie did not go over well in NoKo, so they hacked Sony picture's accounts. In retaliation, we shut down their country's Internet - such as it is. It's   so strictly monitored by the government that calling it the Internet is a joke. Today, NoKo says it wasn't them hacking Sony, so we better leave their Internet alone and then some NoKo spokesperson called Obama a "monkey" and now the heat is on. How DARE they call Mr Obama a monkey! That's just racist. No, that is knee-deep ping funny, because anybody with that face and those ears sure does resemble a simean. Too flipping funny. Now let's see what our side says. We're still technically  still at war with them. The only signed an aemistice, not a peace treary. Oh brother...

Then I started doing some research about frontotemperolobe dementia versus Alzheimer-type. That was a little more trouble in than I expected. They actually tell people to get in touch with genetic counselors. It can start younger than Alzheimer's dementia, and act like Parkinson for a bit. If a parent had it, there's a 50/50 chance of their children getting. This is all I need. Steve would really have to take care of me. Don't think he'd like that much.

There you go. Good news, bad news with a smile, and I'm still wondering about the temporal lobe stuff. Too much more to read.

Snowing tonight as we come to bed..... a little lit late jolly old Fatman. Let's see if we can get it done right next year.,

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