Friday, May 8, 2015

I'm sad and mad

On Wednesday there was a story in the news about a toddler who was found in a dumpster in LaVista. Not the body of a toddler, a living, breathing toddler. How much more depraved can a human being get? Even animals don't abandon their healthy offspring, but for some reason someone thought this was a thing they could do. When I think of what could have happened to that baby... turns out, he is 11 months old. What kind of filth did he put in his mouth? He could have been injured or killed by someone dumping something heavy on top of him. The dumpster could have been emptied and he could have been killed. Who knows how long he was in there? I'm disgusted and amazed that someone could have so little thought as to that baby's fate.

Coincidentally, down near Lauritzen Gardens near 7th and Bancroft a female's body was found lying in a ditch. Not so coincidentally, it was this child's mother. Yesterday, an Amber Alert was issued for the older brother, age 5, of the toddler. They thought he may have been abducted by someone driving the mother's silver Jeep Liberty, and they gave the license number.

Today, they found the Jeep,  abandoned. Now, this is where I get mad... There was no one in or around the Jeep, the 5 year old is still missing BUT THE AUTHORITIES CANCELED THE AMBER ALERT!!!   Apparently there has to be a vehicle involved for there to be an Amber Alert. What kind of genius thought that one up? So, theoretically, if someone snatches a child out of a park, its own yard, or a school carnival, and no one sees the kidnapper's vehicle they won't issue an Amber Alert. Or, in this case, they cancel it. What the hell?   So we have a baby in a dumpster, a dead mother, stolen an abandoned car, and a missing 5 year old, but no law enforcement agency in the country will have an active alert for the child. Why bother to have Amber Alerts at all then?

On to more pleasant topics. Today was our 27th wedding anniversary! We went to dinner at Legend's,  nobody makes a better burger IMHO. We were stuffed when we left there! We didn't do anything special afterwards, went to get Bitsy food, then went to Walmart for Milk Bones, a new, bigger dog bed, and rug shampoo. Married life! It's a thrill a minute! Just kidding - I prefer the old, comfortable kind of love.

Mom and Fred had to help Mickey-D to the Bridge yesterday. So sad. They had him a loooong time. Fred was pretty much inconsolable. He wanted Mick to die at home, but he changed his mind. Poor Mick was really suffering from CHF and a hugely enlarged heart. Poor baby.

Gale got another rescue dachshund to keep Audrey company. Her name is Lady, but Gale wants to call her Lucy, so for now she's Lucy-Lady.  She's a standard red, I can't wait to see her. Right now she has an analysis gland that was abscessed,  so we'll wait until she feels better.

So, in 6 days I'm going to be 58. Yikes! Next month is my 40th class reunion! Double yikes! I don't feel so bad though. Looking at everyone on FB, I never realized I went to school with so many bald, gray-haired, old people!

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