Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tramadol - No bueno.

Is the weekend finally over? I must call Dr Snow's office tomorrow and either increase this dose, try something stronger or just freaking shoot myself. Went to run errands and go to the store with Steve yesterday. MIS-take. Then my nephew came over about 8:30 and was here until 2:30 a.m.  I don't mind, we love him to pieces, but I should have gone to bed about 10.

Obviously, didn't make it to church this morning. Actually didn't make it out of bed until about 2 p.m. There was no way I was going to get out of bed with the pain I was in this morning. Seriously. Oh. My. God. It was bad. Took some Tramadol when I got up - nothing. Meg and Jason came over to watch a Formula One race, then Sue called and came over, (which finally caused me to HAVE to get up), then Tom stopped on his way home from a race in South Dakota... it was a busy afternoon, and I really was so not feeling like being gracious. Had major heartburn, which gave me a sore throat - although as I wrote this I Had a sneezing fit and my nose is burning.

Meg and Jason stayed for dinner, which Steve cooked, and it was fabulous! They left, Steve did the dishes, bless his heart, and then mom and Bob came over. I had finally taken another Tramadol, so I couldn't keep my eyes open. Why doesn't it work that way any other time? By the time they left, I was wide awake. Now, more pain. More meds and hopefully, sleep. Please. Sleep...

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