Monday, June 9, 2014

Is Laughter Really the Best Medicine?

I got on Netflix tonight and watched a couple episodes of AFI (America's Funniest Videos) and then proceeded to laugh myself into a stomachache. I bet it's been 3 years since I was he'd it last and the shows I watched tonight we're way older than that, but they were FUNNY!

I didn't do anything today. Wait, that's a lie, I put away the dishes Steve washed yesterday.  That's it. I didn't really even get dressed, just put on a longer lounger sort of thing so if I had to take something out to the recycle bin my knickers wouldn't show. BWA HA HA!

I called the doctor today, but didn't hear back. I forgot to call him until after 3 though. I know, I know  you have to wonder how I forgot to call the doctor about my pain meds when I'm in so much pain, but that's part of the problem... when the pain is bad my brain turns to absolute slush. I can't remember anything - and I do incredibly stupid things. I had gone out to the kitchen to answer the phone earlier, it was my friend, India. We chatted a bit and I decided the wooden chairs were too uncomfortable to sit in, so I walked back to the bedroom and had just gotten all settled, with the dogs all around me (all the while talking to India) when I suddenly thought "Oh, I left the phone in the kitchen. I want it back here in case the doctor's office calls..." I was out of bed before I realized I was ON THE PHONE! I need a keeper...

Rolling Hills Ranch called again today to see if Steve and I would be interested in moving in. Boy howdy, would I ever! prepared meals all day, every day, housekeeping once a week, no stairs, laundry on the same level,  nice neighborhood, what's not to like? The only problem is they don't allow more than one small dog, and we have too much junk to get rid of quickly. I'd love to go through the storeroom in the basement, but I'm too afraid of the spiders I'm sure are lurking in there. I've seen two in our bedroom recently. Well, okay, one was in the bathroom, but it's attached to the bedroom. Yesterday Steve brought up clean laundry for me to fold and he put the basket in the tub for me to do later. I didn't do it today, and now I'm pretty sure the Arachnid family has moved into the basket and I'm afraid to fold the clothes. I hate spiders worse than snakes. I mean if I see a snake outside I'm really on its territory, right? But spiders have no sense that they're trespassing when they're in MY bathtub in MY house. Cheeky little freaks. I hate them.

Took a Hydrocodone tonight before going to bed. I want some relatively pain free sleep tonight. At least for an hour or so. Tomorrow I will get out of bed, maybe even get dressed and 《gasp》 try a short walk. That is, IF I feel better. Here's hopin'!

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