Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Well today sucked - except for ONE thing!

One thing was great! The VA in Grand Island called about dad. Woo hoo! Maybe we'll be all done with this crap sooner rather than later. I have to call his lawyer tomorrow; he wants more money. We just gave him $500 and as far as I can tell, he hasn't done a damn thing. He never sends out itemized bills either. BS. I need to tell him that if dad... No, WHEN dad goes into the nursing home, his gravy train is going to be derailed. Dad will only have $229 a month for personal expenses. BTW, Dad got a notice today that one of his many creditors is suing him for credit card debt... What the heck ever... I suppose when you haven't paid any bills because you can't get the damn bankruptcy attorney you hired (and paid a retainer to) to call you back and you haven't made a payment on anything in a year they're getting unhappy. Oh well. Let them put a lien on the house. Ha ha ha... There ya go, Pam! I have no idea why Missy called me about it - I guess just to tell me. It's not like I've got a spare 100 grand sitting around to take care of his bills with.

Went to see Dr. E., the orthopod today. I have to have the hardware removed from my right ankle. Great news, huh? Shit, is what I think. I have to stay pretty much off my feet for a week, pretty sure my house will go to HELL during that week. It would be nice to think Steve would take care of things, but I have a feeling when I'm able to get out of bed there will be dishes stacked to the ceiling, just waiting for me to feel better. I tried to get some styrofoam plates at the store last week and he got all pissed off - probably because he was paying for them. He wanted to know why we were getting them and I told him I don't usually feel good enough to do the dishes and he won't do the dishes. I put them back, under protest. Hell, if I lived by myself all I'd need is a spoon and a bowl. I could live on cereal. Isn't my life a freaking sideshow?

He's mad at me right now and not talking because I told him he didn't need to add 1/4 of a cup of olive oil to 2 cups of cooked spaghetti. He asked me if I wanted to do it. I don't remember exactly what I said, but I know it wasn't nice. His martyr act gets pretty old. For some reason tonight I was remembering one night when we got into a fight at the dinner table about some stupid thing. Neither one of the kids were home and he was ragging about something when I just snapped. I swear.. I'm giggling like an idiot as I type this... I just picked up my glass of water and tossed the water right in his face. OMG! LOL! I wish I had a picture of his face at that exact minute. I don't even know what possessed me to do such a thing, but it was funnier than hell. I've never done such a thing before or since, but I have to admit it felt pretty damn good that time!

Tomorrow is wisdom tooth extraction day. Whoopee. Steve's taking the afternoon off to take me. What a guy, right? I was reading the website for the doctor the other day and it said that all the nurses are trained in Advanced Life Support and there is a nurse for every room, and everyone else is traibed in Basic Life Support. Then it hit me - am I supposed to be comforted by that? Actually, it had quite the opposite effect! I don't want to think of anyone having to use either one while I'm at the damn DENTIST!!! I don't know why I'm such a chicken turd about my mouth, but I am. I HATE having shots in the mouth, I HATE the thought of having a tooth pulled, and I HATE the fact that tomorrow at this time I'm probably going to feel like dog crap. Maybe I should just have them sedate me, but that creeps me out too. I don't want sedation in a dentist's office. Okay, so he's an oral surgeon and not a plain old "dentist", but still. It's just not right. Of course the good part is if they knock you out, you just wake up when it's over. (Hopefully.) The bad part of Novocaine are the shots, the pressure, the cracking... Oh hell, I might just get sick thinking about it. WTF.

Then I start thinking about this leg thing. Dr. E asked me if I wanted a spinal or light general. Are you freaking KIDDING me?!?! Nobody is ever going to mess with my spine again! I thought that epidural with Matt was going to kill me, and they want me to let some joker inject crap into my spine again. Oh HELL no. I'll go with the "light" general, thanks. Does "light" mean low calorie? What? Which brings me back to the tooth - hopefully I'll lose a couple (50) pounds or so while I can't eat. Which brings me to another question, just what the hell am I going to eat? I can't see Steve whipping up some mashed potatoes just for me. Pudding maybe. Or ice cream - yum... There go those 50 pounds... Damn. He better make it Breyer's, if we have to go the ice cream route.

Okay, back to the leg. It shouldn't take too long, right? Cut it open, use a drill, remove the screws (I think there are 9 or 10), sew it up. How long can that take? Maybe they can just give me a bullet to bite on and I'Ill save a couple grand on anesthesia. I wish Dr. E still went to Immanuel, I love the anesthesiologist over there - Dr. Drobny. He knows how freaked out I get with those "light" general things when they put stuff over my face. Hopefully, this anesthesiologist will get the idea. I need to get the walker from dad - he doesn't use it anyway. Crutches just kill my shoulders. I'm kind of paranoid about getting this plate removed. I can't tell you how many times I've twisted my ankle since I broke it, I think the plate is all that saved me from breaking it again, so now I'll be paranoid about it, which will just make me more clumsy. Oh hell... Whatever happens, happens.

I gave Cookie a bath tonight. Poor girl. I HAD to, she smelled like Casey Anthony's car - death, in case you didn't know the story. She smelled awful! So, I gave her a bath. She still smells awful, but now she's apple-scented awful. God. Poor baby has such bad teeth - oh no, don't get me started on THAT again.

I'm going to grab my Kindle and read a bit. I've got 29 pages of books to read. Not 29 books, 29 PAGES of books, something like 232 or something close to that. Most of them were free too - polishing nails on my shirt - I'm cool like that. Last night I found a free Kindle app on my iPod, so I can read my Kindle books on there - as if... That'll make you blind for sure, and you won't have much fun in the process.

Hasta la bye bye

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