Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy day, but a little frustrating

Happy Day because I didn't have to get my tooth pulled today. I still have to have it done, but Dr. P., said he wouldn't do it unless I had sedation because it's a pretty bad tooth and since it's already had a couple root canals done and there's not much actual tooth to grasp, he's afraid it's going to break and come out in pieces and he's worried about problems with the bone, so it's scheduled for next Wednesday. I feel much better knowing that it's going to be done under sedation. Too bad I have to have it done at all. I blame my mother for my rotten teeth, she had horrible teeth herself and looked like a horse until she got her dentures when I was a baby - and seriously, I don't remember having a toothbrush around when I was growing up. Seriously. Never went to the dentist unless we had a toothache and didn't have regular checkups. I'm sure my mom would remember differently though. Once in school we got these dental hygiene kits and you chewed this red tablet and then brushed your teeth and then looked to see where your teeth were still red, so you'd know where you had to brush again or spend more time brushing. I was enthralled with that toothbrush and that's when I really learned to brush my teeth and try to take care of them. Thanks mom, for everything. And I just have to say it, Dr. P. isn't too bad to look at. Nice to have eye candy for an oral surgeon... I'm just sayin'.

Tuesday dad had an appointment with Dr. Green, which no one could take him to, so I had called the VA and rescheduled his appointment for Friday at 10:30 I told Mel and Missy both that I was getting this tooth taken care of today, so one of them would have to take him. So... Guess who's taking dad to the doctor tomorrow? That's right -- ME. I'd like to tell them to forget it, but of course they had dad call me to ask if I'd take him - three frigging times. I missed his first 2 calls and the 3rd time I my phone was at Meg's because I forgot my purse over there. I called him back and told him I'd take him and he wanted to know where I had been this afternoon. I reminded him again that I had had a dental appointment. He apologized for bothering me and told me he forgot - of course he did, he has dementia. I have no idea why no one else conveniently forgot. I'm really trying not to be ticked off about this, and I didn't call either one of them about it - yet. Oh, and did I mention he was calling from HIS PHONE? The one nobody was going to let him have back? I guess this whole idea of all of us making decisions together is too inconvenient when I'm not doing something for everyone else. This is why when Mel and Missy got so mad at me a couple months ago because I allegedly don't "do" enough for dad, I wasn't too upset to hear they didn't need me and were going to do everything themselves. Yeah, that lasted about 3 days until they needed me to do something and then we had to work together for "dad's sake". And I'm a stupid fool because I thought maybe we were going to work on stuff together. Ha ha ha... You know, I'm the one that's supposed to be leading by example and doing the "right thing" to help them out. Of course I'd be the biggest bitch in the world if I ask why Mel could take 3 days off work while dad was in the hospital, but can't take time off to take him to the doctor. It doesn't matter what I do, it's going to be the wrong thing. I'm pretty sure they're expecting me to be the one to tell dad that he's going to the VA home too. It'll be just like the time "we" talked to him about going to the Norfolk home. I did all the talking while Missy and Mel stood there with their arms crossed like they didn't agree with what I was saying and didn't way one freaking word. Not doing it again. I'm not the one who has to live with him, am I? They throw that back in my face often enough I ought to toss it right back. I know they think I just sit around all day playing computer games, oh, wait, that was Amber... Pretty sure they all think the same thing and I'm pretty damn tired of worrying and trying to do what's best for dad and having everyone agree with me and then blow everything off. It was almost a month ago I said I thought maybe dad should be getting more socialization, going back to SarahCare at least for the time the VA would pay for (two days a week, but hey, better than nothing). The doctor agreed, Mel agreed, Missy agreed - and dad still hasn't gone anywhere. Mel was going to check with ENOA, which she finally did, but then they had to do some BS and they were going to call her back, blah, blah, blah... Meanwhile, dad sits at home and everybody gets frustrated because of his behavior or lack thereof, and when he pulls some stupid ass prank like drinking antifreeze, I'm the one they're going to call. Again. Am I the only person who can see a pattern here?

One more little rant and I'm done. It's 30 miles from my house to dad's and back. So tomorrow I'm going to leave my house and drive to dad's to get him, then back past my house to the VA, then back past my house again to take him back home and then back home. About 70 miles in total and for the FIRST time, I'm going to ask dad for gas money. He's covered the gas bill, electric bill, and paid for groceries because no one ever has any money and I've never taken a frigging dime, but enough is enough. He can give me $20 for gas, and if he wants to go out to lunch, he can pay for that too. My time is worth just as much as anybody else's in the family.

I'm pretty sure that by the time I get to this blog at night and write how I feel that I'm pretty much the biggest bitch in the world. I hate that. I am happy and I do have good friends that I have a good time with, but this shadow of dad and all the shit that goes on with him really overshadows everything - although I don't do anything for him... A little understanding from my spouse might be nice too. He did take the afternoon off work to go to the oral surgeon with me, but he told me work has been boring lately and there hasn't been anything to do anyway. Gee, thanks.

We went over to Meg and Jason's tonight and moved Meg's bed to the new house. I wonder if they're ever going to get moved. I can't stand to be in transition for days and days. When I move, I want to move and be done with it.

Some other really good news is that Meg and Jason found a dog. I mean, this dog literally showed up at their old house tonight and wouldn't leave. He kept jumping up in the truck and didn't want to get out. He's a very nice dog, I think maybe a pitt and Boxer mix. They asked around the neighborhood and a lady down the street said she had been taking care of him for about a week, but he wasn't her dog, he just showed up one night. He's a real sweetie, but very afraid of the leash. He had no collar or tags, so Meg used the leash in a slip knot to use as a collar/leash combination and as soon as he put it over his head he just lay down in the grass and wouldn't move. Just absolutely refused to move an inch with it on, and he was very submissive. Makes me wonder if someone had hurt him. He didn't have any marks on him, but he definitely has a story. When they brought my purse back to our house they still hadn't decided on a name for him. Brittany wants to call him "Bob", but Meg refused. She told Britt her grandpa's name is Bob and she wasn't going to name her dog the same thing. I think they should call him "JD" for "Just Dog", but they weren't sure about that. He really likes Jason and followed him around the house like a... Well, like a puppy! They can have dogs in their new house, so I hope it works out for all involved.

I guess that's all the complaining I can do for one night. ha ha ha.... Things will be better tomorrow, right? RIGHT?

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