Saturday, July 23, 2011

The 22-Year Itch, or Why I Wish I Had Stayed Single

It's hot - and humid, and I'm tired and cranky. Or maybe fed up would be the better word. I think I'd be a lot happier sometimes if my life was a place of my own and my dogs. Sometimes being married is almost not worth the effort. Who am I kidding, it's not worth the effort.

Tonight we went over to be with dad while Mel went to see Jason Aldean. Yes, I know I was just bitching about my sisters recently, but you know, we have to work together to get dad taken care of and in a safe place. Once that's done, I'll decide whether I want to deal with everybody else or be a hermit. I know how much Mel wanted to see the concert and when her friend got her tickets I felt like it wouldn't be such a big deal to go spend some time with dad. We didn't have any big plan tonight, other than to go to Borders, which means I watch Steve read magazines while I try to look interested in something interesting to keep my interest. Luckily Borders is closing, so I won't have to worry about that anymore - although it's really about the only thing we do together anymore.

After we stopped at Arby's for dinner (Steve's favorite restaurant and my least favorite), we headed on over to dad's. First thing I said to Steve when went into the house was to leave the chair by the windows for dad because that's the only chair dad can get in and out of - so he immediately went over and sat in the chair. Maybe I just imagined I said it...

Almost the first thing out of dad's mouth was, "How about we go for a ride over to about 158th & Dodge?" What a coincidence, Pam lives over in that neighborhood! "Why?" "I have to give someone a bathing suit." "No, dad, we're not going to Pam's so you can drop off a bathing suit." Keep in mind she left a year ago last March - a whole swimming season has come and is nearly gone and she's just now missing her bathing suit? "I'm just going to toss it up on her balcony." "No." "I"m not going to talk to her." "No." "We can go out for ice cream afterwards." "Why don't we just go out for ice cream and forget the bathing suit?" No answer. I won that round.

Twenty minutes later we're watching dad's favorite channel (ID - Investigation Discovery), when he says, "Missy had Marc shut my phone off". "Dad we talked about this for 3 hours yesterday, I'm not going to talk about it anymore." "I want a phone." "You don't need a phone." "Do you have your phone with you?" "No." I lied, so I had to reach in my purse and look for something while I surruptitiously shut the thing off. Thankfully that did end the conversation about phones and Pam. Even with dementia you'd think he'd know better than to ask me to take him anywhere within a mile of that Devil's Spawn. So, we watched some show about the Ten Deadliest Women (horrific show BTW), and he settled in pretty much for the rest of the evening. He really was in a good mood, and about 9:30 or so, Steve got out of his chair and went to the dining room to sit at the table and read. I really wasn't having a bad time at all, as a matter of fact, I nearly finished Laura Ingraham's book "To Thee I Zing" - good book, and several parts had me laughing out loud. Good book! Mel and Sarah got home about 11:40, and before I could even ask how the concert was and look at their pictures, Steve was standing at the front door, hat already on his head, waiting to leave. God forbid we engage in some social politeness. He would have a fit if I treated his family like that - lucky for him, I have more manners, and I genuinely love my in-laws.

I don't think we really needed the air conditioning on the ride home. I said at one point, "I know you're mad, but thank you for coming with me and being supportive", I didn't at the "for once" that nearly slipped through my mouth though. Of course he didn't answer. That is the one thing that absolutely infuriates me - that, or giving me the Vulcan Death Stare. Luckily, neither of us are Vulcans, so I'm not dead yet. Totally ignoring me is also another way to tell me later that I never said anything, as in "I never heard you say that" so I must be nuts, right? Some kind of acknowledgement would have been nice. I don't even care if it wouldn't have been something along the lines of "I'm never going out there again", would be better than being ignored. The chill lasted all the way home, even after I commented that maybe I should put blue neon lights under my car so it would glow blue at night - I really thought that would get something... As soon as he let the dogs out and back in, he bolted for his Man Cave, even though it was 12:30. I love my life. Not so sure about this relationship thing though. Is total disinterest and no respect grounds for divorce? Thank God for India at this point, at least somebody listens to me - poor girl.

Yesterday dad spent the afternoon with me and we stopped at Wal-Mart for peach water. I picked up 12 bottles of tangerine/lime water instead of peach. Nasty stuff, I thought they were trying to poison me until I finally read the label. I intended to take it back today, but it was too freaking hot and I was up until after 2:30 with achy legs. Now, I wish I had taken them back... I'd like a peach water and hydrocodone please - and Calgon. Yes, Calgon would be good too...

Looking forward to this weekend. Matt has Hailey, so we'll get to see her. The week and a half she's with her mom seem to get longer and longer all the time. She changes so much from one visit to the next. Pardon the whine, but I still really miss having her with me every day. They are supposed to go to court in September. He got a letter from his lawyer on July 11, telling him that going to trial would cost between x and x amount of dollars and he (the lawyer) required 10% of the highest amount before trial. So, Matt assumed (you know what they say about assuming anything - especially where the law is concerned) that he would have until September to get the money. Oh hell no, the lawyer's secretary called him on Tuesday (or was it Wednesday) telling him they needed the money by August 1. Wow, how considerate.

Uh oh, Mr. Happy is coming to bed, better get ready to hit the hay - or wait, maybe he's just raiding the fridge...

Long story short - Matt got the money, thanks to his friend Joe, Mom, and myself. Of course Steve opted out of the "save Hailey" program. "I feel sorry for him, but..." Yeah, so much for how much he loves Hailey. About as much as he loves me, apparently.

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