Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bye-Bye Borders...

We went to Borders today because Steve was looking for a book for Meghan. He had found it on the Bargain Book rack a couple weeks ago for $3.99. Today it was back on the shelf for $26.99. LOL! I think the liquidator has come in to move the stock - we bought 3 Blu-Ray movies, 2 books, and a couple boxes of Junior Mints for $53. Not bad really, but they don't have anymore sacks, so whatever you buy you have to haul out without a bag. Just a hint to take a bag with you! One lady in line had 2 of those red hand baskets full of books and was telling the guy she couldn't carry them all out to her car, so they were scrambling around looking for a box for her. That's kind of crazy.

Also went to Wal-Mart and exchanged that horrible tangerine/lime water for some peach stuff. Yummy! Much better. We tried a couple other flavors too; I had an apple raspberry tonight. Too much raspberry and not enough apple. It smells like apples, but tastes like raspberries. Okay, but not my favorite. I'm wondering if Fontanelle Orchard has peaches yet. I so love fresh peaches and the ones from the store have been horrible - although the Bing cherries have been delicioso! At nearly 3 bucks a pound though, I'm done buying them for the season. I'm broke for another month, longer if all the threats of no social security checks next month come true! I think Obama would be pretty darn stupid to try that crap - old people have tempers too. Nothing like a full scale assault on Washington, D.C., by a bunch of old people in walkers and wheelchairs!

Well, I've taken my meds for tonight and I'm feeling goofy alerady. I want to try to make it to church tomorrow, so I'm giving going to bed early a shot. We'll see how that works out. Good night!

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