Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy, happy birthday to you!

Today we began celebrating the birthday season - went to mom and Bob's to celebrate Bob's 84th birthday. He was only 59 when Steve and I met. Holy cow. This year Steve will be 57 himself. How is it that so much time has gone by and I hardly blinked?

We got to spend some time with Hailey yesterday, and then Magann and Matt brought her to Bob's party this afternoon. I can't believe how much I miss the little imp! it's a bitter pill, but I guess she's doing okay without me. Ha ha ha... I think I felt better when she was here - took my mind off myself during the day, but I'm going to start getting busy with my craft stuff again and then I think the time will go faster. She is just so darn cute - and getting so smart, it's just amazing to watch her grow and learn new things. Today she really had fun playing with Grandma Carol's laughing monkey - wish I had gotten a few pictures of that! Brett and his family came while we were all still there so Hailey had to show "the girls" grandma's cows. It was so funny, she kept staying, "Girls, girls! Cow, cow!" and pointing to the plastic cows mom has on the divider between the dining room and kitchen. It was cute. Then she sat on the floor with Matt and played roll the ball with Taylor. I really enjoyed watching her interact with the other kids. I'm so proud of her and how smart she is. I have to give a big hand to Magann, too, she always makes sure Hailey is dressed so cute!

Mel and Jeremy are continuing their quest to find a place to live. I'm a little concerned about dad being alone without Mel to watch over him, but hey, it is what it is, right? Mel has sacrificed so much this past year, it's not fair that she has to give so much. Of course dad wants them to stay, says he hasn't been unkind to Jeremy... Oh, there are days when I'd appreciate a good dose

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