Sunday, June 27, 2010

Heavy Sigh

Guess I've been jumping through hoops for the government all for nothing. Got my letter today saying I wasn't disabled enough to not work. Ha ha ha... Wish those morons had my body for a couple hours, I think that's about all it would take before they changed their minds. Anyway, now I guess that's what I hired an attorney for before I even applied, they can help me with the appeal. I would think, but that would just be me, that the fact I take Vicodin on a daily basis and every 6 hours, would kind of preclude me driving around. Guess it's not problem to be driving under the influence of narcotics. When I know I have to go somewhere I don't take the pain killers, when I do take them I always have Steve drive. Wouldn't work that way if I had to drive to and from work like that, now would it? Nobody probably even thought of addressing that issue.

Steve and I went up to see dad tonight. He was mad because he said he'd been calling Mel all day to see what time she was coming up and she wasn't answering her phone. No surprise there. She never answers the phone, but usually she returns calls. Good thing it wasn't the doctors or nurses calling her, you can't tell when dad calls, it just says VA Medical Center, with the switchboard number. Of course when we got there we had to listen to him worry about whether or not Mel was okay because she hadn't answered the phone last night either... It would be SO much easier if she just answered the damn thing and told him she was busy and couldn't make it. At least then he wouldn't be stewing about what might be the matter. I called her to see if she was going to make the appointment with dad's doctor in the morning, but of course, she's not answering my calls either. Whatever. I'm not exactly a happy camper today.

Then dad brought up the fact that he still has a box of Pam's crap in the basement from the places she worked in Arizona, letters that people had written to thank her for stuff -- I know! It boggles my mind too, but apparently it happened. If she had put forth 1/10th of the effort to get along with dad's family that she did into being such a bitch (well, really), she would have gotten along with all of us, with a lot of love to go around! LOL! Steve told him we should just burn the stuff, she did tell her lawyer last week that there's nothing left in the house that she wants. I mean, if she doesn't want her own stuff, who are we to try to make her take it. I thought a nice family bonfire was just the ticket, but dad didn't agree. He wants to take them to her and tell her it's over. Uh huh. I hate to bring it up, but it was over for her on March 15th when she moved out, just because it's taken him this long to realize it doesn't mean he has to tell her that he accepts it. Which also brings up the sticky point that he doesn't realize he can't drive any more. I told him last night (but of course he probably doesn't remember) that he has some dementia and that he may have had a couple "small strokes" as his psychiatrist says, so there's no way he should be operating a motor vehicle. I know he's going to bust a gut when he hears that little tidbit. Now he'll be stuck at home all day, by himself, and he can't go to Big Fred's every time he feels the urge. Not that he's going to have the money to do that anyway. I made mention today that he might have to have someone come in and be with him during the day and he wasn't real pleased about that either. He just has to face the fact that he's 77 freaking years old! He tried to tell the doctor last Friday that he had to get out of the hospital this weekend because he had a job at the Bagel Bin. Mel reminded him that it had burned down, but he was sure it was opening again this weekend and Susie needed him to make deliveries for her. I can't even imagine how he thinks he's going to deliver bagels when he can barely stand on his own 2 feet because of the peripheral neuropathy. And I've reminded him several times that the microvascularization in his brain AND the peripheral neuropathy are both due to his diabetes being out of control for so long - which is his own darn fault. If he had listened to us years ago about taking insulin he might not be in the shape he's in now - and that's when he was competent to make his own decisions! We don't even want to think about the kind of decisions he's making now! I just knew that he wouldn't be able to just walk away from Pam without some kind of parting shot - I just knew it! Heavy sigh.....

You know, I wouldn't even care about the darn disability, but I miss being in charge of my life. I feel like since Steve has control of ALL the money and I have to ask him if I can get anything, that nothing is "mine" anymore. I can't download books on my Kindle, go shopping at the scrapbook stores, buy things of Hailey, go grocery shopping.... Nothing. I'm sick and tired of having to ask him if I can buy a candy bar at the checkout or if we can buy something for Hailey. It's just stupid. I wish we could just sell this freaking money pit of a house and move someplace smaller that he'd be able to maintain better, but right now there's too much to be done - which we can't afford. We have a huge amount of equity - we're lucky in that respect, but what's the point of having a nice big house if you don't maintain it? I'm afraid to step out on the deck, and I've been hearing for 4 years how "this" is the summer we're going to get a new one. And every summer he says lumber is too expensive. It's not getting any cheaper either - next year it's only going to be more expensive.... Heavy sigh.

Things down in the Gulf are getting worse by the day. I read an article today that said 2 workers who have been cleaning up in the oil spill area have died from inhaling the toxic fumes. It sounds like they're telling people who live along the coast they should move because they don't know what the long term effects of this oil spill are going to be. No kidding. And our inglorious bastard of a president just sits around twiddling his thumbs. He has no idea what to do about this situation either. He has no idea how to handle ANYTHING that's come up since his election. General McChrystal tells him how many more troops he needs in Afghanistan and Obozo has to think about it for months before he decides -- then when McChrystal complains about how this administration is worthless and can't make a decision to save their lives - he gets fired and General Patraeus gets put back over there. Patraeus is a fine soldier - but so is McChrystal. Just because he.... (uh-oh, I almost said he calls a spade a spade.... but that wouldn't be good, would it?) calls them like he sees them, then we should fire him. Excuse me, Mr. Obozo, but you have ZERO military experience, so just how to you justify your stupid decisions after months of agonizing over them - until certain elections are held to see how much support you have? How do you justify that? And you're approval rating is in the toilet Oh Anointed One, and not likely to get better any time soon. Heavy sigh. Impeachment sounds so DARN GOOD right now...

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