Monday, October 18, 2010

Sad, sad, sad

Judy is very ill down at Cole Camp and isn't expected to recover. Her son answered the pone when Mary called Friday night and said he'd be letting her know about funeral arrangements - sooner rather than later. I cried buckets. I've only met Judy in person one time, but that's all it took for me to realize what a special, special lady she was. I hope I can make it down there for the funeral. It would be the very least thing I could do for her. Hope I get my car back soon!!! Matt was hoping to get it to me by today, but that didn't happen. Maybe tomorrow.

This is the last week for Mirisa to be bringing her here. I thought she wouldn't be back, so I was hoping to get some things done this week, but She said, not until November 1. Little punkin! We went to grandma Carole's for some light snacks and chocolate cake. Not that great, but it could have been worse. I don't know why they just don't like Petit's - the best cake in Omaha. We had a good time. Laurie and May-May didn't come over, they were at Emergicare because May-May has been vomiting. Sigh. I'm so glad the rest of them could make it and spread some germs around. Ugh, I hate people who drag exposed kids around to family celebrations. Oh well, what can you do about it? We left right after, maybe we didn't get touched! lol!

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N.F. said...

I know I Don't comment here enough...and I'm sorry for your loss...but I Had to comment that I love your blog background/template. Kinda lame for me to say, but wanted to all the same. :)