Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wow, if we had known what was coming... I'd a left town

It's been an adventure these past weeks. Not going into too much detail since this is a public blog, but dad has had some pretty severe health and mental issues. He was at Lakeside in ICU for a week and unconscious for 4 days, and now he's at the VA on their psych ICU floor. He's doing SO MUCH BETTER though, that I can't believe he's the same person he was 3 weeks ago. I haven't seen him walking, talking, or interacting this well since before his car accident a year ago last March. I think part of it is that he doesn't have to worry about his "wife" pulling anymore crap, like not depositing her entire paycheck, not paying bills, or being out messing around on him. I know that I've witnessed a couple miracles since he's been in the hospital and I know that God has played a big part in getting dad back on the road to recovery. Next week, he'll have a couple classes he has to attend, but he'll be able to have some passes to come home and I know how much he's looking forward to that.

In other news, Miss Hailey is growing by leaps and bounds. She's started to say something that sounds like, "z'at" which is loosely translated as "what's that?". She's always pointing and saying, "Z'at?" -- Too darn cute! She walks on the inside of her playpen, holding on to the sides, and stands up for LONG periods of time to watch TV - apparently she doesn't like watching through the mesh! Her favorite TV channel is still Passport, where she watches all kinds of Sprout activities. She's not into the cartoons so much, but she loves it when Chicka squeaks and whoever the morning host is reads the birthday cards --- Wonder if she knows her name will be on there in a couple of months! She adores The Wiggles because she loves music and loves to dance! They can keep her attention for the entire show and she seems disappointed when it's over! Silly bug!

My Canaon Rebel died - which makes me very, very mad. I waited all winter for summer to come so I could go out and take pictures and now summer is here and the camera is dead. Well, it's really not totally dead, only if I want to use the flash. I guess I could go take outdoor pictures, but I'd like to take pictures of Hailey and all the cool things she's doing. The old Canon PowerShot 30 is about dead too. It takes a new battery about every 5 minutes. Ugh. I don't feel like a good camera is a luxury - heck, I'm the family historian! I neeeeeeed to take pictures!

Nothing else new and exciting... I haven't even had time to work on scrapbook pages or anything that I'd really like to. Hailey keeps me jumping during the day and by night time I'm so tired I could care less about hobbies!

I was seeing a new doctor (chiropractor) that was doing some real good on my back pain - but then I haven't had the time to go. His last appointment of the day is at 5:30, so I haven't been going since I've been going to see dad in the evening after Steve gets home and this week Matt has had my car because his car died and he's had to use mine. Can't have a car seat in his dad's truck. He's tried so hard to get another car, but his dad can't co-sign for him and Matt doesn't have enough credit to get a loan on his own. Steve gets mad because I let Matt use my car, but I haven't heard him volunteering to co-sign. Matt's a good kid - I know he would make sure he paid the car payment, but unfortunately Steve's been burned a little in another situation, so he's not going to stick his head out over this one. Oh well, everything will work out in the end!

So thankful to my friends at church and the missionaries, the Temple prayer roll, and a lot of praying on our part to get dad back to where he is today. Sometimes, you just can't thank God enough.

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