Saturday, June 6, 2009

And another dog dies because of an irresponsible owner.

I feel so sorry for this little boy and his family - and realize that he will carry these scars for life. However, I don't entirely blame the dog. I blame the owner for not having control of the dog and not having socialized it before this happened. Pit bulls aren't any more dangerous than any other large dog. Being so large and so strong they must be socialized and the owners MUST be responsible for their animals. Both of my sisters have owned pit bulls and they were both the most gentle, friendly dogs you could find and both were raised with children - one of my sisters had twins while they had the dog. The only time that dog showed any sign of aggression was one day when I was bringing my then infant nephew to my house - she wouldn't let me out of the house with the baby - even then all she did was growl and refuse to move from in front of the door.

I have dachshunds and while they have never bitten anyone, I have to say they are more likely to bite a stranger in my house than my sisters's pit bulls ever were, they're very protective of us. As a matter of fact, a Cox repairman was at our house today and he said the only time he'd been bitten on the job was by a dachshund. Any dog can and will bite, it's not just pit bulls. It's sad that this dog has to pay with its life because of an irresponsible owner. I hope the former owner buys a fish if he/she wants another pet.

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