Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ferocious week from hell...

I hate the weekends I have to work. I know I've mentioned that already, but it doesn't seem to be getting any better. I'm grateful I have a job, I know a lot of people don't, but I still hate working weekends. Nothing gets done (workwise) on the weekend - she says while blogging when she should be working. Steve went to a gun show today in Grand Island - still not home at 5:40 p.m.! The cable guy had to come and work on our phone and was here for 2 hours. I had the dogs locked up in my office, so I couldn't work while he was here because I had to stay out of the office to keep them from getting riled up, plus he needed some help with figuring out whether the jacks in the house worked or not, so I was running from room to room plugging his little gizmo into the wall jacks while he worked on them downstairs.... Then Meg brought home food from Taco Bell - laugh if you want, but I like Taco Bell...

By the time the cable guy left, Meg went to to errands, and the dogs had been released from prison, it was 4 o'clock. So great, now I get to work until midnight again. Grrrr. I like to be done with work on Saturday by 9 or so. Oh well, that's life.

So achy today. The weather is finally warm, but we had a cold front come through last night and trigger some storms. More due tonight too. Yay. Hydrocodone is starting to become a staple in my diet. Not sure I like it, but whatever works.

Took dad to the doctor yesterday, he's doing great, but his knee is still bothering him. His orthopod thinks it's his back and not his knee, which it probably is. He rode a police motorcycle for years -and that was years ago. Motorcycles weren't made then the way they are now, I'm sure his back is screwed up. He had just gone to his regular doctor and found out he has arthritis in his back. I knot, too, that when my back is hurting it goes down my leg and makes my knee hurt. He goes on Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. (what the heck was I thinking?) to have an MRI of his lower back and left knee, just to make sure it's not the knee itself. He had another cortisone shot, but he would like something definitive done - unless it includes knee replacement, he doesn't want that! lol!

Mel spent a week with mom and went nutso on us again. I knew it was coming, she'd been acting squirrely for a couple weeks anyway, which she always does when she's around mom. She was going through another "I don't want to be married" phase and then went to see mom. So much for that marriage... Oh well, I'm not the only person who saw that coming. My mom is miserable, so she sure doesn't want anyone else to be happy, besides that, leaving your husband is so easy, why not? God forbid she our dear mother try to counsel her child to do the right thing. I have to laugh though because Mel has said time and again that she and John probably wouldn't have gotten divorced if mom hadn't stuck her nose into their marriage and tell Mel how John was never going to amount to anything and Mel would be better off without him. Now she's done the same thing with Dan - but mom is always right in Mel's eyes. That's too bad, really.

Anyway, she's cut off communication with all the rest of us - again. Dad is a little concerned since she's his power of attorney. Dad thinks she probably has told her mother all about dad's private things, and she probably has. On top of that all she won't answer anyone's phone calls, including dad - which makes her not a very reliable POA if we needed her for something. Exhausting. It's like living in a soap opera!

All is good though, we have our ups and downs and have a good life in spite of it all! All you can do is pray for strength, right?

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