Friday, June 12, 2009

94 days and couting...

Until the baby is here. I know it probably feels like a long time to Mirisa, but it's going pretty quickly! Sis, Mirisa, Meghan (Mirisa's sister), and Beth (Mirisa's mom) and I all got together last weekend to make plans for the baby shower, which is only a little over a month away. Sis brought some darling invitations over with her that we're going to make. I'm going to get out my Cricut again this weekend - it's been in hiding since we cleaned the carpets, and see if I can't get my Sure Cuts A Lot to work with the template Sis had. When she helped someone else make the invitations that she brought over they cut them all out by hand.... Oh no. My hands wouldn't work for a month after all that cutting, so I'm hoping I can get the template to work. July 2, Sis, Gloria, Mirisa, and Beth are going to come over and we're going to work on decorating the invites. I'll have to post some pictures, they're darling!

Other than that not much else is new. We've had a ton of rain and it's been cool for June, so I've been aching like MAD! A couple years ago when Steve suggested I try to get disability I wasn't ready, I was hurting, but still pretty much able to work without too much pain. That's all changed in the past couple years, now I'm ready to try and the country is going bankrupt, so I really don't think I can! With my luck disability will dry up and then what would we do? In the meantime, I'll keep slogging through work and try to make the line count every day. I do great the first couple days of the week, but by Friday, my line count is dismal, which of course brings my weekly count down. Sigh. I'd look for another job, but what would I do?

On the bright side I did take some photos for a friend a couple weeks ago. Her son turned 6 months and she wanted some pictures. I told her I'd love to try, but didn't know how well they'd turn out. Not all of them were great, but we got enough good ones that I hope she was happy with them. She put them on Facebook and is using one of her and her little guy as her profile picture, so I think she was pleased. I had a good time visiting her too and got to know her a lot better. She's the Primary President in our ward - has been since Chantal moved back to Utah and this was really the first time I had really gotten the chance to sit down and have a good talk with her. It was fun. Wish I could do photography for a living! I love doing it. Maybe I should get my certificate in family studies or genealogy or whatever and work on that for other people. Something enjoyable for a change would be great!

Meg is up at Camp Cedars working at the Boy Scout camp for the summer. I think she's having fun. Hope she does find any ticks attached to her while she's there. She found one while she was house sitting in Crete - she was crying and really upset. I told her how to get the tick off without pulling its head off and once that was done she was vastly relieved! I can now call her "The Tickless Wonder". ;-)

Well, Steve is finally home from work this afternoon. I'm fairly certain all the garage sales in mom's neighborhood have been thoroughly washed out, so I'm going to head for Michael's or Archiver's and look for some double-sided cardstock for the invitations! Whoo hoo! Nothing like a little retail therapy to make a girl feel good!

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