Saturday, August 16, 2008

Who could ask for anything more?

The weather today was absolutely gorgeous! I got up about 10:30 and after Meg sorted through her clothes to decide what to take to school, what to donate to Goodwill, and what to toss, we decided to spend the afternoon outdoors. We took Ben and Sophie, grabbed some sandwiches from Jimmy John's (Freaky Fast) and headed out to Two Rivers State Park.

It was just beautiful out! Not too many wasps and bees, just a nice breeze blowing and it was about 78 degrees. Perfect. We had taken a spot on the river and there seemed to be a family reunion of some kind going on a couple of campgrounds over. The lure of the dachshund was in full force though and several people came over because they wanted to meet Ben and Sophie. Sophie was being especially cute, driving us nuts with wanting to chase the ball, chase the ball, chase the ball.... Turns out it wasn't a family reunion, but some kind of company gathering and it looked like 99% were from India. The people who came over were all very nice and one couple told us they were looking to buy a house soon and wanted to get a dachshund after they moved. The guy said after work he wanted to come home to a dog with energy! Well then, a dachshund is the dog for him! I told them a little bit about rescue and that we had 7 dogs at our house, so they asked for the rescue's name where we got the dogs. I told them to check on Petfinder and look for 7 Bells Sanctuary in Cole Camp, Missouri. I know she really loaded with dogs right now and having to turn some dogs away because she simply has no room. She has lots of fosters who also have lots of dogs, so if I can steer someone to them to help with the crunch, it would be a good thing for all involved! I hope they find the dog that's looking for them!

Meg had something going on at the Deaf Club tonight, so we came home shortly after 5. I've been lazing about and spending too much time on Facebook tonight! Tomorrow I have some scrapbooking I want to get done after I go to church or take the programs over, or whatever I decide to do. I want to start working on my scrapping more often and keep it up to date, I've really let it go the past year or so.

That's it for tonight. The fresh air this afternoon was wonderful! I'm going to sleep well tonight!

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