Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to work

Back to work today. I'm about to get started since one person is on vacation and we're probably going to have mandatory OT anyway. I make more when I work later, but I probably type faster when I'm more awake!

Steve and Meg both had to go to the doctor unexpectedly today. I'm waiting to hear back from both of them to find out what's going on. I'm hoping Meg didn't catch mono while she was at scout camp being surrounded by hundreds of teenagers, but I wouldn't be surprised.

Yesterday I didn't get as much done in the spare room as I would have liked, but I did make progress. I probably didn't purge enough, since I decided to keep the two tall book cases - you know what that means... I decided to keep too many books! But I did find a whole boxful and maybe more that I've put aside for the garage sale. Anything that doesn't go at the garage sale is going to Goodwill. Mom always says, "I'll save it for another garage sale", or maybe, "I forgot how much I liked this..." Not me, when I've decided it goes to a garage sale, if it doesn't sell there, it's history. I have a confession to make about that though, I was at Goodwill a couple weeks ago and I think I bought one of my own things back. Oops. I think I don't have that purging thing down pat yet... Heh heh...

There's rain in the forecast - finally. I thought after the wet spring and early summer that I wouldn't be looking forward to more rain, but it's been pretty dry lately and we've had to start to water the flowers and trees, so some help from Mother Nature would be appreciated.

We had to start Jojo on some heart medicine last week. I can't believe the change in him. He's really pepped up. It's so hard when a dog gets older and starts to slow down, I'm never sure if it's just aging or if there's something medically wrong with them. Jojo had developed a bad cough though, so I took him in and they did some x-rays. His heart was a little enlarged and his lungs had some congestion, so they put him on a couple heart medications and he's been acting like a new dog! He's still coughing, hopefully that will clear up, but he's been running around, where he used to just ga-lump, ga-lump around, so I'm sure he feels better. His appetite has been off a little, but I bought him some softer food this week and he appetite has picked up too. Probably his mouth and teeth (what's left of them) were having trouble with the kibble. Even with milk on it he was having problems. I'm relieved he's feeling better. Now if I could just his his breath to smell better.... It smells like an outhouse - I'm not kidding. Even after a full dental it still smells! Ugh.

Okay then, on to work. Maybe I'll have more news later.

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