Saturday, March 1, 2008

Same old stuff

I know I shouldn't dwell on this, really, but... Slugatha came back to work today after being off for 6 weeks because her back was hurting. (Hello, can we say chronic pain syndrome? I haven't missed a much work in years as she's missed in the past 12 months - and that's including the time I took off for a shattered ankle and 3 surgeries.) Yeah, she was back to work all right. Same crap, different day. She logged in on time, but didn't do a darn thing before 11 p.m. Gah. The only consolation is that she's supposed to work this weekend, so all the crap she didn't do earlier tonight is still going to be waiting for her allllllll weekend. I'm fully expecting her to decide she needs surgery now that she's back to "work" again. There goes another 6 week. Actually, I've been working fine without her. For some reason just knowing she's there is annoying. It's like having something stuck in your teeth and no toothpick for miles, or having an itch you can't scratch, or.... Well, you get the idea. I bet she's a democrat. You know, one of those, give me money because I'm here, type of people. Not the pay me what I'm worth type of people. Heck, if they paid her what she was worth, she'd owe them money.

Okay, enough of that. I worked until 4:30 this morning, slept until 3 p.m. and then worked from 3:15 until midnight. Am I tired? I'm so punchy it's not even funny! An entire day of work is NOT fun. I was supposed to work 8 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. again tonight and originally started working at 3:15 just to get some OT hours in. Then the hospital called with a report they needed right away and I just kept working. I though 5 hours or so of OT would be great on the paycheck. Then when I realized how it was going to go tonight I figured there was no way I was working until 4:30. No thank you. Then I realized it's going to be 60 degrees tomorrow, who wants to be sleeping until mid-afternoon! I bailed.

So, I have nothing else in my life to write about except work. In my brother's life, however, he's having a great time in NYC. He went to a place called Tea & Sympathy today. I checked out their website (which I'm too lazy to look up and link to right now). It looked yummy! He sent me a picture of his dessert - chocolate banana cake with custard sauce, it looked divine! I wish I had his metabolism! He went to Rockefeller Center too and took some good pictures. I love living vicariously through my well-traveled brother! It's a lot cheaper than going myself! ;-)

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