Saturday, March 1, 2008

Beautiful Saturday

Mother Nature was toying with us again today. It was 63 degrees. I can't wait until days like this are the rule rather than the exception. I figure maybe one more good winter storm before we can count on it being nice all the time. My grandpa's birthday was on March 22, and we had blizzards on his birthday more than once, so I never feel "safe" until then.

Steve's truck is turning to rust before our eyes, so today we went out and test drove a 2008 Toyota Tundra - NICE! The only thing not so nice is the price - $32,000! Youch. I think we've been spoiled because neither one of us has had a car payment for years. I think we paid off my car 4 years ago and his was paid off before then, so the thought of forking over at least $650 a month hurts a little bit. At least it would be him forking it out and not me... Although I have to say I do like the look of the Prius - but I'm not going for a car payment right now either. And the taxes - whew. No, thanks. The tax and license on the Tundra would be over $3000. So much for their $2500 cash back incentive! He still wants to look at Ford trucks before he decides, and he doesn't think Toyota has a good enough warranty, so, we'll see. We went and looked at some used ones tonight, but the dealership was closing, so we have no idea how much they were - might sell more cars if they'd update their website once in awhile.... Hello - Performance Ford? I'm talking to YOU!

The RS President came over tonight and gave me my list of people to do visiting teaching for. Thank goodness they gave me a list where I can write to the sisters I have on my list and I don't have to worry about a companion to check schedules with, etc. I haven't been very diligent in my teaching, it seems like my companions have either been as inactive as I am, or we couldn't find a time that would work for both of us. This will be pretty nice. As a matter of fact, I might just hammer out my letters tonight and be done with it!

I also got some sad news while the RS president was here, one of the sisters in our ward that I used to visit teach with has Alzheimer's. That really made me sad, she is the nicest lady. Nobody deserves Alzheimer's. Nobody. I hate to think of all the families going through what we went through with my grandma, it really just makes me want to cry. This sister is still living on her own, but who knows how much longer that will last. She's widowed and had been dating a widower in the ward for years, but they never got married, even though he asked her, and now she wants to, but he can't afford it. Sad. At least he's still there to take care of her.

Ah well. I'm going to get those letters done and I have a bunch of CDs I want to download onto iTunes, so that's it for today...


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Marc said...

The good thing about having a car that is paid off is not having car payments. The bad thing is that you get used to not having car payments and when you have to get a new car, you go into sticker shock.