Friday, February 29, 2008

This baby thing... It's killing

I already said I watched Vince today. It was wonderful. I can't tell you how wonderful. I'm sappy. I love new baby smells - yes, even THOSE smells. I can't believe how much he's changed in 4 weeks. He's gone from being a red wrinkly little guy to a pink little guy whose fingers are filling out and has face has filled out. He's just so freaking cute! I've been so blessed to have such great nieces and nephews (and nieces and nephews-in-law, too) who let me take care of their babies. It's been so long since I've been around really little ones, I've forgotten how much it is.

Of course now I can leave and go home when they get fussy or make a big mess in their pants. I can hand them over to mom or dad, it's not my responsibility any more! LOL! Is that great or what? I have to admit though, I did have a hard time leaving Vince today to come back home. He was sleeping so peacefully and I was just watching his little face. It just reinforces to me that there is a God and he's wonderful!

On the subject of baby faces, I just love to watch them as they sleep, how they make those little sucking motions with their lips, and they smile, and sigh... The only thing I can't stand is when they're sleeping and their eyes are halfway rolled up in their head and then they open their eyes. It gives me the willies (and the Hermans and the Freds - that's for you Mel!) But otherwise, I'll take them any day. I hope Amber and Jason really take advantage of this time with Vince - even if they have 10 other kids, the first one is always special because they have your undivided attention, there are no other noses to wipe or diapers to change or bottoms to wipe, he's all yours! Spend all the time with him you can and forget everything else. I was really surprised today to realize that Amber goes back to work in only 4 weeks! Time has gone so fast. She's such a good little mama, I'm so proud of her. And Jason rocks as a new dad! I love those guys!

My brother Marc, aka "Buzzcraw" is in the Big Apple with Rick, aka "Falconcraw", for the next 5 days - he sent me some pictures tonight of New York. What a sight! They're going to go see the Today show being taped on Monday, I told him I prefer Good Morning America, but I'll watch Today just to see if I get to see him. They were eating dinner just across the street from the ABC news office, so he sent me a picture. I heart my brother... I'm really looking forward to seeing his pictures. I had to laugh when he told me about his hotel, they upgraded their room to whatever (I can't remember what he sad), but when they got to their new upgraded room he was pretty surprised to find out how small it was, and with no view at all... Welcome to New York! ha ha!

Our weather is supposed to be getting warmer for a bit - 60 degrees on Saturday. As long as we don't turn around and have another blizzard on Monday, I'll be very, very happy....


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