Wednesday, January 16, 2008

You're kidding, right?

I love to read People magazine, I admit it, I'm a junkie. I feel so normal after reading about people with lots of money and fame who are crazier than I am, but today takes the cake. Britney Spears was shopping for a pregnancy test. Wait, it gets better. One of her friends is quoted as saying that it's been a hard time for her, losing custody of her kids and everything, which she didn't expect. Are ya kidding? She didn't expect to lose her kids? Does she have a brain in her head or has it been reduced to mush from all the peroxide she's subjected it to? Even before her much touted "breakdown" did she really think she was going to keep those kids? She shows up late for court constantly, doesn't go to court ordered drug/alcohol testing, is shown partying constantly, drives like a mad woman with her kids in the car, nearly drops one on his head, has her "meltdown", shows up late for the custody hearing and then doesn't think she's going to lose the kids? There's more wrong with Brit than can be cured with a lifetime of therapy. I feel so sorry for those kids. And heaven help us if there's another one on the way!

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