Thursday, January 17, 2008


Yesterday felt like it was about two weeks long, it was so gloomy and dark with the snow coming down. Plus, since it was so cold, I was aching pretty bad and the neighbors had their thumpa-thumpa-thump (music) going from about 1 in the afternoon until 8 last night. I tell ya what - I only had one nerve left and they were standing on it! After awhile the noise turns into an ache in my head and I just about want to smack somebody! I heard it over the sound of my docs dictating and it's really distracting. I was so relieved when they finally quit!

I worked until a little after 1 this morning. My line count isn't the best when I'm stopping constantly to do something for or to the dogs. I had to stop once yesterday to clean up a mess on the carpet in my office - what a fiasco that turned out to be! I have such a terrible time with this stupid carpet cleaner we have, I could not for the life of me get the attachment hooked onto the water tank. It was driving me nuts! Steve even sent directions by e-mail and I still couldn't get it to work. Thank goodness Meg came over later, between me, her, and another phone call to Steve, we finally got it figured out and I got the spot taken care of, but that was annoying as well!

To top it all off the warning to my coworker didn't seem to have much effect at all - she was back to her usual stuff last night. We had tons of work and we're pretty far behind on some reports, but she just takes hours off and disappears. That's frustrating too, but I just have to work around it, I guess. She has to live with herself. Unfortunately the rest of us have to live with her lack of work ethics. She's most irritating to listen to at our meetings, you'd think she's expecting the award for transcriptionist of the year because of her dedication to her job. Oh rubbish!

Anyway! It's a new day, the sun is shining! Toby hasn't taken a shot at my hands yet today, so all my fingers are still operational, Steve will be home tomorrow, and I go see the new doc - things are definitely looking up! Oh yeah, and the thing I'm most grateful for - I'm not related to Britney Spears! lol!

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