Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cold and snow

We finally have some more snow coming. I know my brother thinks I'm nuts, but as long as it's winter, it might as well be snowing. If you have to be cold, it's good to have snow.

I think it finally dawned on the powers that be that I've basically been working by myself for months. The person I work with at night signed on, usually late, but would never actually start to work until midnight or after. It was very frustrating to have a turnaround time on jobs and work like a crazy person to try to meet that TAT while the other person who was supposed to be working was off doing whatever. She's been warned and warned and warned. Apparently she was warned again, but this time they're monitoring her activity. We've got a lead transcriptionist too now, so maybe that will make a difference. I hope so.

My day didn't start off too well actually, I was reading a book at bedtime last night, so when I got sleepy I put my glasses on the night stand, shut off the light, and went to sleep. That's what I remember anyway. I got up this morning - no glasses. My vision without my glasses is bad, like 20/200 bad. I can't see a darn thing and I sure can't drive. I can work, but it's not easy and I get a terrific headache. I tore the bedroom apart. No glasses. Finally I found an old pair, but they're "only" bifocals, so they're still not great for working, but better than nothing.

It went from bad to worse, I decided to clean the shower door. Yuck. I've tried and tried to get Steve to use liquid soap to help decrease soap scum, but that plea has fallen on deaf ears. Maybe I should make him clean the shower! I have to say I love those Mr. Clean eraser things, they can get soap scum off a glass door better than anything else I've found. It still took me nearly 45 minutes to get the door as clean as I'd like - and totally destroyed a brand new eraser. Now I have to get some new ones to work on the rest of the shower. Blech. I also am going to try to use Turtle Wax on the door and the walls. I've heard that works pretty well keeping the shower clean. Should be fun. Anyone care to join me cleaning the shower? Steve can't figure out why I'd rather take a bath. Easy, the bathtub is cleaner! lol! And when it's dirty, it's easier to clean.

Haha, I head a great joke tonight. What did the 0 say to the 8??? Scroll down

Scroll down some more.....

Scroll downs some more....

"Nice belt"! Heh heh! That had me laughing so hard I was in danger of spewing Dr. Pepper through the old nose holes! Guess you had to be there, But it was funny, you gotta admit that!

Poor CBG is moving up to Minneapolis this weekend, Saturday night is supposed to be -15 - just the air temperature. I think I'll go visit in the sunmmer. I hope she finds everything she's looking for there. What a great Town to make a new start in! She has the guts I wish I had and I admire her greatly! You GO girl!!! Okay, this keyboard is about to give me a stroke and I'm trying very hard to not hurl this computer out the window!

Oh, when I found the spare of glasses, I evetually found my real glasses under the bed on my side... I always sleep on Steve's side when he's gone. I have no idea how they got under the bed on the other side from the nigtstand on my side! Dogs, I just know it... Later!

Have a good night everybody! Glad you made it back home safely from Minneapolis with all your parts still attached, baby brother! LOL

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