Friday, December 28, 2007

Welcome to the Family Miss Mittens

I got an e-mail the other day regarding the animal shelter in Harlan, Iowa, having a dog and 2 cats that were going to be put to sleep within the next few days if they weren't adopted. Mom and Bob lost their last cat, Mr. Tucker, in February and I know they've been missing having a pet to spoil rotten. I called them last night and mentioned "Mittens" was one of the cats, due to be PTS today. Mom said she'd talk to Bob and let me know. I don't think she even hung up (lol) before she called me back to tell me they'd take her. I called the shelter, staffed by volunteers, and talked to Dave to make sure Mittens was still available and made arrangements to come get her today. He took their vet information to check their reliability as good kitty parents and called me back this morning to tell me it was a go! Good thing, since mom and Bob went to Wal-Mart and bought the place out last night to prepare for her homecoming. They had to get a new kitty carrier, toys, food, etc. It was like Christmas all over for them!

We made the trip to Harlan today to pick up Miss Mittens. She's so sweet - and I'm not a cat lover! She was very good about getting in the carrier and didn't do too bad until we nearly got back home (it's about 60 miles), when she decided she had had enough of riding in the car and vomited an enormous amount! I didn't know cats could have projectile vomiting. Live and learn. We stopped over at mom's after dinner tonight to check on the new arrival and she was doing fine! She's very much a lady - where Mr. Tucker used to slap his paws at you to play like he was trying to throw a punch, MM very delicately extends her paw in friendship. She's a short hair too, and being with her didn't cause massive eye itching and nose running. Her dander didn't seem to bother me as much as most cats - that's a plus!

Welcome to the family, Miss Mittens!

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Anonymous said...

Holy buckets........another "M" in the family! LOL :)

Meg: said...

Yay for new kitties! Especially yay for a new rescued kitty!