Saturday, December 29, 2007


Apparently our dishwasher had it's holidays confused because it decided to trick us on Christmas evening, when it up and died. It was a very noisy death and then it just quit. So, guess what we did today? That's it folks, the Saturday after Christmas we went shopping! Augh! My first thought was to go to Sears since they were having a cash back sale, any single appliance purchase you got $50 back; two appliances, $100; and three appliances, $150. Yeah, well, forget that. The dishwasher we had was a Kenmore and as a rule I think their appliances are okay, but I wasn't thrilled with their selection or their prices, so we ended up at Nebraska Furniture Mart.

I need to say, before I got on with the store of the dishwasher... People in Omaha can't park worth a tinker's darn. Especially in handicapped spaces. At NFM we barely could squeeze into a spot because some nimrod in the 5 minute Burger King parking was parked at an angle and barely left enough room for the car. Then when I went to the grocery store someone had actually parked coming up the aisle in the wrong direction and was parked over the striped spot and two handicap spaces. Boneheads. Normally, I wouldn't care, but it's been cold enough that I'm really feeling the plate in my ankle, so I've been gimping around for the past couple days. Darn it.

Anyway, we finally got into NFM and found the dishwasher we liked. I thought it was pretty funny that the dishwashers actually had a decibel rating on them! LOL! I eventually would like to have stainless steel appliances, but since my stove and refrigerator are working fine (knock on wood) I didn't really want to get just a stainless steel dishwasher because I thought that would look stupid. Then, did we really need a sanitizer or not? Oh, the decisions you have to make to buy a silly appliance! We finally decided to go with white, and the sanitizer. Steve can use it to wash his beer bottles and sanitize them too, instead of having to sanitize them separately. Also, the tub is extra deep, so the bottles will fit. The silverware container is in the door too, which I like, saves room in the bottom rack for more dishes. The bonus was the price, the white one was almost $100 less than the stainless steel, and we got a $25 gift card from the mart. Woo hoo! Maybe we can get a movie next week. I guess the Garmin Nuvi I wanted is going to have to wait. Maybe next payday...

Amber and Jason came over to get their Christmas presents. I made some chili, so they stayed and had dinner with us. It was nice to see them again. Amber is taking bets on when she has the baby. I say January 27.... Now we'll have to see! She said her OB told her this week that she just wants Amber to make it to 39 weeks... Am is hoping that means she'll go sooner. Haha! What pregnant woman doesn't want to have the baby early by the time she hits eight months? I never did make my due date with either pregnancy, so maybe she'll be lucky and have a big, healthy baby boy a couple weeks ahead of schedule!

Today feels oddly like Sunday to me since I was off yesterday too. I keep thinking tomorrow is New Years Eve. Not that I'm rushing it or anything. I'm on call that night, but we're going to have two couples that Steve works with come over. I got the electronic Jeopardy a couple months ago, so it sounds like we should have fun.

We're supposed to get the new dishwasher installed tomorrow. Luckily, the plumber is Steve's stepbrother, so he works for beer - although we'll give him some cash too, I'm sure since he's unemployed right now.


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Marc said...

Why didn't you just ask Santa for a Garmin rather than a Panini grill? You can't get it if you don't ask for it.