Sunday, December 9, 2007

Thanks Meg

I woke up this morning with a raging sore throat! I can deal with having a temperature, runny nose, stuffy nose, what have you, but I hate having a sore throat. I even tried a shot of Zicam - ugh, that stuff is nasty! Anyway, so far I haven't noticed a difference in how I feel either! I probably waited too long. o sh

We had a busy day yesterday. We did some Christmas shopping and then went and picked up mom and Bob and went to Fremont for their Swedish smorgasbord at Midland College. We go up there every year, last year it was German and this year was Swedish. I think next year we're going to skip Midland and the German buffet and head up to Dana College for their Swedish buffet. Dana has Swedish every year and I much prefer Swedish food over German food. I was an Erikson before I was a Kurtz! lol

Last night we just hung around and watched Charlie Brown Christmas and then Steve watched Twins (not my favorite movie, but I played on the computer...) I never could get him to start a fire last night either. First his excuse was that we were going to be leaving to go shopping, then we were only home an hour before leaving for dinner, then it was too late. He promised he'd start one for me this morning, but instead he went out rabbit hunting with Tom. I see how I rate. Of course when he gets home he won't want to start one for whatever his reason is, and then the weekend will be over. He doesn't like to mess with the woodstove during the week, so weekends are the only time I can look forward to having a nice, warm basement, and that's all over for this weekend... I'm just as happy to snuggle under the covers with my Benny (my sweet little dachshund boy), so at this point I don't care.

Today I'm planning on doing absolutely nothing! Doesn't that sound like fun? I might work on my Find A Grave stuff, maybe. Maybe I'll watch a couple of my movies that just came from Blockbuster yesterday, or maybe not. I love unscheduled, unplanned days!

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