Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm officially sick of winter

Too darn cold already and the worst part of winter isn't even here yet! Tonight we're in a winter storm warning. Possibly 1/4" of ice or more and then top it all off tomorrow by up to 5" of snow. Oh joy. I don't mind the snow, but the ice scares the daylights out of me. You don't even have to do anything wrong on the ice to smash the heck out of your car - and yourself in the process. Mom is having her heart cath tomorrow morning at 7, so we have to be at the hospital for that and then I'm supposed to go back to the oral surgeon so he can take a look at my mouth where he removed that little lump last week, and get the biopsy results. I think I may call him and tell him it's healed fine and he can give me the results over the phone. I sure don't want to be driving - at least Steve can drive to the hospital in the morning. Besides, I still have my nasty sore throat, so I may not be going anywhere tomorrow.

I started working early today, just in case we lost power or something from this storm. Our house is in an older part of town and the power lines aren't buried here. There are also a lot of trees, which combined with the ice make for a greater than average chance the power will go out. Thank goodness we have the wood stove, at least the basement will stay warm. Not that that will help the pipes much if the power stays off for long...

The dogs aren't pleased with this weather either. Poor Jojo is so old and arthritic that he can't go up stairs and there are 3 stairs down to the backyard. He manages to get out okay, but refuses to come back up, so he barks for help and then I have to go out and pick him up. It's a lot easier to let them out from the basement - no stairs to go out, but you have to carry him up and down the basement stairs. At least it's warmer that way! Ben refuses to go out without a sweater on - smart dog. Buttercup, as usual, is loving the snow. She stays out longer than the rest of them put together. Then she comes in covered with snow balls all over her legs, so she makes a mess where ever she sits for about the next half hour. She absolutely hates the hair dryer and if you try and use it on her she bites at the air coming out and gets pretty downright nasty, so I just try to keep a towel under her while she melts. I would think that would be so uncomfortable, but she acts like she doesn't mind at all.

Well, back to work!


East of Eden said...

AMEN on the hatred of winter. As I sit here, staring out at all the winter snow I will shoveling today, I am really not liking it!!

Meg: said...

LOL @ the thought of the dog biting air from the blow dryer!

I'm with ya. I'm not a fan of winter.