Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Weekend is Upon Us

Steve got home from camping. He had fun with his buddies, but the weather wasn't exactly conducive to good grouse hunting. Who would have thought it would be 85 degrees in Northern Wisconsin in the middle of October? After the heat it rained, so I don't imagine it was much fun. He did get one grouse though.

I canceled my surgery. I just haven't felt well enough to really want to have surgery, no matter how minor it is. Yesterday was a very painful day, but I think part of that was because I had to go to the hospital again to work and carry my computer in and out - the desktop CPU, not a laptop. That dang this is freaking heavy! When I got it home for the second time this week it still wasn't working. I have to take it back on Monday. Note to Marc: I could ping everything I tried, but something in the firewall was still blocking access to the internet. Friday after I brought it home I called out IT department and spent 2 hours on the phone with them. We finally got the internet to work, but had to restart the computer - when it started up, it lost all the changes that had been made. Back to square one. So they told me to uninstall the firewall. Big Mistake. Back to the Hospital on Monday. Grrrrr.

Today there was a craft show at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs. They had a bigger show than usual. I love going over there for the shows. The craft fair they have at the Qwest Center is 6 bucks to park (well, it's free for me with my handicap sticker) and then 6 bucks to get in. That's kind of spendy - 12 bucks before you even get in the door! At MAC it's 4 bucks to get in, no fee to park, and they have coupons for a dollar off in the newspaper. What a deal. I got a couple things, but their Christmas presents, so I can't tell... I love craft shows though.

After the craft show we went to Jason's Deli. Mel, Adam, and I ate there last Sunday after we went to some estate sales. Yummy. I decided to share my new find with Steve, so we stopped there on the way home. Good food. I had a salami and ham po' boy and a fruit cup. Steve tried a turkey guac panini with pepper jack cheese. They were both - in Marc's words "tasty". We'll have to go there again. One thing that impressed me was how good the fruit was. Usually by October fruit may look good, but tastes like cardboard, this fruit was good and sweet, more like middle of the summer fruit. There were a 3 giant strawberries, cantaloupe, and grapes. Good, very good!

We came home and I grabbed a quick nape before we headed out to our October Dachshund Anonymous meeting. We met at Bone Jour doggie daycare that's located next to our humane society. They have a huge fenced in area, so we let the dogs run and spent some time socializing with other dachsies' humans. There were at least 40 people and about 50 dogs. The weather wasn't the best and it started raining after about an hour, so we cut it kind of short, but we had a good time. This time Toby and Ben went with us. Toby had great fun with a couple of the dogs, barking and running with them. We had taken his cart, of course, so he was in 7th heaven. Ben kind of likes to stick close to mom, but even he had fun sniffing and wandering around the giant play area.

Now we're back home and we'll probably stay put for the evening. It's raining again and we're supposed to have rain through tomorrow. Poo! Later...

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Meg: said...

Do I even want to KNOW what a grouse is?

I missed the Spoon River Drive this year. It's a huge craft *thing* that is held in various towns throughout central IL. Oh well...I didn't have money to spend, so...LOL

Ok, now I want good deli food. Darn.