Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Humpday dumpday

My work computer started screwing up last night, so I ended up taking my PCU up to Fremont this morning and working there for about 6 hours while they "fixed" it. Then I got home and set it back up, no internet. For some reason it won't connect with the internet. I'm so frustrated. It seems like every time I have to take the computer up there they fix what's wrong and then something else is screwed up. I do NOT want to drive up there again tomorrow. One of the MIS guys says maybe they can get into my computer tomorrow remotely and fix it. Whatever. I bet I end up driving up there again. Crap. I don't mind the drive, or working up there. Actually the part I hate is carrying the darn thing from the parking lot and back. My handicap sticker is in my car, in Wisconsin... Doesn't do me a lot of good here. Since I had mom's car today I figured no one would not it was an employee's car, so I parked in the visitor lot. (heh) The IT department at the hospital is in the basement, I'll be darned if I'll carry the thing up and down stairs, I make somebody come up for it. I have no clue what the problem is now. Funny thing though, about 6 weeks ago I noticed that I couldn't get the internet until I logged into the VPN for the hospital. The tech guy today insisted that I can't get in to the VPN without being on the internet. Whatever. I could connect to the VPN tonight, but just not the internet. Of couse, I need the internet to be able to access our jobs. So I lost 4 hours of work yesterday, 2 hours tonight, and who knows how many tomorrow because of this. I hate these computers. We're supposed to upgrade our typing program this year, but the MIS guy was telling me today that out computers probably won't support the new program and he doesn't think they budgeted for new computers. Way to go. You just have to wonder, don't you?

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today! I think maybe it hit 60, maybe. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. Absolutely gorgeous. Apparently the weather in Wisconsin must have improved for grouse hunting. Steve said he might be home tonight, but of course he wasn't. Why doesn't that surprise me?

Meg had another little incident with her car this week. She thought it was a dead battery, but it turned out to be a fuse. Of course she found out after she bought a new battery! Isn't that the way it always happens? lol

I got some new Crocs -- I love them! They're lined with fleece for colder weather. I must get another pair! These are red with cream colored fleece. I'll take some pictures later maybe. Well, I'm off to find something constructive to do... Yeah, right...

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Marc said...

Truth be told, you can actually have internet access and not be able to access everything you are used to having access to. If the ports aren't available or there is a firewall that you aren't aware of, this can cause this problem. I am quite surprised your I.T. people are having you check your IP address and see if you can ping other systems on the internet to make sure you are connected. But then again.. what do I know LOL : )