Monday, October 15, 2007

Sucko Monday

This is Toby at our DA meeting on Saturday. He had a blast chasing other dogs around.

The rain and drizzle continue. Which is okay I guess, give the trees a last good watering before winter. My damn computer is not fixed yet. Grrrrr. I took it into work again today, if I don't get a hernia dragging that thing in and out of the house, car, and hospital, it won't be because I didn't try! They were installing some new electrical circuits in the hospital yesterday and since some people didn't understand the difference between "shut off your computer" and "log off your computer" IT was busy today trying to repair/replace fried CPUs. Consequently, my computer was not on the list of things that must be done this morning, and since I had to leave to go to the doctor at 12:30 I just left it. I was assured it was the firewall and they had fixed it, but they hadn't had time to test it yet. They said I could take it home and if it didn't work - are you ready for this? Bring it back tomorrow. No effing way. Pardon my French. I've taken that thing to work 3 freaking times in the past 4 working days. And when I bring it back home tomorrow it better damn well work or I'm hurling it into the middle of the street. The thing that kills me is I haven't' had any trouble with my firewall before. Never. Or my antivirus. I've spent $100 of my own money on spyware (which the transcription people told me I had to have) and a new modem (which our IT people told me I had to have), and neither one of these things was the problem! Agh! Oh, and the other good news, they're not reimbursable expenses. Whatever.

So, Steve came home Thursday, I worked at the hospital on Friday, we did something together on Saturday, but all day yesterday and tonight he's painting at his stepmother's house. It kind of pisses me off. Whenever I'm working he whines about how we could be doing "something" (God only knows what, hang out at Borders, no doubt!), if I didn't have to work every night or be on call; but the day I'm off during the weekend and the night I'm home he takes off. If I hear one time this week that I never want to do anything with him, I'll throttle him, I swear. Of course it would be a different story if it was our bedroom and bathroom that was being painted... (Or even patched - in regard to the bathroom. Patched would be good.) I told you, Meg, it won't happen this year! LOL!!

I should upload some of our dachshund pictures from Saturday, that would be good. You can never have too many dachshund pictures.

I can't remember the name of the 2 dogs at the top, I think the one on the right is Diamond. The bottom two are Alta and Martha. I have no idea which is which, though. Aren't they cute in their Hallowiener costumes? Obviously not made for long dogs, but cute nonetheless...

Spaz, the little puppy, had the older dogs running in circles, he had so much energy. It was fun to watch them running around. I wish I had taken more pictures. There were about 50 people and 40 dogs there!

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Meg: said...

Your meetings look like fun. :)

And those Halloween costumes are great!