Sunday, August 26, 2007


Didn't go to Lincoln today either. It got humid again and I just didn't feel like traipsing around a cemetery in the heat and humidity. We did run errands all weekend - well it felt like all weekend.

Yesterday, I had some charms to add to my Italian charm bracelet and then I found out the charm store at Westroads was having a 1/2 off sale on all their charms, so of course I had to get a couple new ones. We walked around the mall a little bit. Le Gourmet at Westroads has moved out. That totally sucks. I loved that store, they had so much cool stuff. All of a sudden a bunch of stuff is gone. I was just out there 2 weeks ago. The Cookie Factory is gone, and the old Younkers store is nothing but a huge hole. They tore it out to build some theaters. Funny, but I seem to remember there were theaters at Westroads once... Things are a-changing, quickly, too!

Today was Meg's 16th anniversary of her adoption, so we had a second birthday party for her. We do this every year, usually after a dinner at her choice of restaurants. This year she wants to go to Mr. C's, but she had to work tonight, and it's Sunday, so we're planning dinner for later in the week. We got her a game called "Smart Ass", which of course we all had to play after the cake and ice cream. Mom and Bob were over, so at least it wasn't just the 3 of us. The game was really fun, we'll have to play that again, maybe instead of dominoes! Less yelling. Heh.

I got a 4-drawer file cabinet to start trying to organize all my genealogy stuff. Trying is the operative word here. I found stuff while going through my "genealogy closet" that I forgot I had. I still haven't gotten the bugs worked out of my new Family Tree program, the stupid thing won't connect to the internet either, so I have to call their support number tomorrow. So much for their new simplified version. Grrr. I feel bad when I swear on Sunday. Really. And believe me, this program had me uttering a few choice words. Meg's phone dried out and is working fine. That girl has all the luck. ;-) I told her to remember that the next time something bad happens and she wails about how bad her life sucks. Even the camera is working!

We lucked out tonight. I had left the light on in the closet in our bedroom earlier, I think mom and Bob came over when I was looking in the closet for something and I just didn't turn it off. Later on Steve went to get some hangers so he could do his ironing for this week and the light was off and wouldn't come back on. Luckily he checked it! It had shorted out and was really, really hot. I can't imagine trying to get us and 6 dogs out of the house, 2 sleep in kennels, Toby sleeps in another room, and the other 3 sleep next to the bed. I think we seriously need to work on an plan in case something like that happens. You always read about what you should do to plan for emergencies, but never think it's going to happen to you. Plus, Tom's car is in our garage! Wouldn't that be horrible? Pick him up at the airport with the wonderful message that he didn't have a car any more? Oops.

Well, that's it for my exciting weekend. Back to work tomorrow. At least I'm off Thursday night, so it will be a short week. Steve's cousin and her husband are going to be in town, so we get to have everybody over for dinner. Sometimes having the biggest house in the immediate family is not a good thing. Mom said she come over on Tuesday to help me clean the floors. She's so funny, "They should be okay until Thursday, don't you think?" Ha ha, mom, we have 6 dogs, what do you think? LOL Actually, all the males are back in belly bands after a disastrous Saturday, so it probably will be okay, the girls don't make messes in the house. That's a man for you.

Oh yeah... about this thing on Thursday, I hope nobody brings this subject up... Steve has an aunt and uncle who are both in their 80s and in a nursing home, in the middle of Nowhere, Nebraska. Their kids are so worried about one having to pay the other's expenses that they've decided to have them get divorced. Can you believe that? I think it's a load of crap, pardon my French. They share the room in the nursing home, they love each other, who cares if they're freaking 80 years old? Just because they're all worried about their inheritances mom and dad have to get divorced? (This is a second marriage for both of them.) I'm so disgusted with the whole lot of them I could just spit. And one of the cousins who's coming over on Thursday is one of the daughters. Mom asked her if they told the aunt and uncle what they were signing when they gave them divorce papers - oh, we're just telling them their marriage is going to be annulled. What the freak ever. After 10 years? And what are they going to do anyway? They're both in pretty bad shape, it's not like they can just hop in the car, or even get in touch with the lawyer. I don't think, personally, that either one of them is competent to sign a legal document anyway. Just because all the kids involved can only see dollar signs. How pathetic is that? I'm serious, nobody better bring it up on Thursday because I won't hesitate to let them know how I feel about it.

The manager of the department sent out an e-mail Friday asking us if we'd be willing to work my esteemed co-worker at night's weekend in mid-September. You've got to be kidding. I wouldn't give her the time of day, let alone give up a weekend for her. Although, it's not going to bother her in any way if nobody works her weekend, it only puts a bigger burden on everybody else, and that's the only reason I'd do it. I know everybody else feels the same way about her though, so I don't think anybody is going to be too eager to cover for her. Somebody will probably be assigned to do it. The only good think about working the weekend is you get a 3-day weekend the next week! I'll have to wait and see what happens tomorrow. I did offer to trade weekends with one of the other gals for the weekend after Thanksgiving. Why not? It's not like we do anything on the weekend. We usually get our tree on Friday after Thanksgiving, but that's it. I can't even think about a Christmas tree now, it's too hot.

Ah well, off to say my prayers and be thankful we still have a house! Later!


Meg said...

Wow @ the divorce planned by kids. THAT's screwed up.

Mindi said...

Absolutely! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that's screwy.