Saturday, August 25, 2007

Totally wasted day...

Today was a total waste. I didn't do one productive thing all day. It was great. Tom came up from Beatrice about 8 and he took us to breakfast because we're keeping his car in our garage while he goes to Alaska for 2-1/2 weeks on a moose hunt. I tried to get Steve to go, believe me, I tried... After breakfast Tom got the wild hair to go garage sale shopping in our neighborhood, there were over a hundred, so we had plenty to choose from. Then we had to take him to the airport, it's always exciting to walk into the airport with a gun case! Heh.

After we dropped Tom off we went to the church bookstore. It's reopened and they have some pretty neat stuff in there now, so I bought a couple books. Just to even out the day a little we then went over to CB to look for some off the wall beer Steve was looking for. He and the guy and Beertopia had a discussion about it last night. For some reason Beertopia can't get it, but the Hy Vee in Council Bluffs carries it. Unfortunately, there are 2 Hy-Vees in Council Bluffs and of course the one that's on the other side of CB is the one that had the stuff. By that time it was after 12 and I was in no mood to drive down to Lincoln. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not. It depends on how much energy I can muster up tonight while I'm sleeping. I didn't fall asleep last night until after 3 and I was up at 7:30 since Tom was supposed to get here at 8. Grrrr. I should have just stayed in bed.

My sister-in-law and her husband came over today. Which really is a shocker, they hardly ever come over here, but we had an okay visit. They had never met Toby before. He impressed them with his good looking teeth... ;-) Silly dog.

Meg came over for her lunch break at work to take care of some laundry. See, I am good for something... After she put her clothes in the dryer and came back upstairs I kept hearing a thumping noise from the dryer, so I asked her what she was drying that was making that noise. She assured me it wasn't the dryer, but a couple minutes later she went down to check and found out she'd washed and was in the process of drying her cell phone. Sigh. She has terrible luck with cell phones. Luckily, this was my old one that I had given her after she lost her old one. BUT, she found her old one, so now she can switch the number back to that one and we can toss this one. Wasn't that clear as mud? And I'm a little annoyed with my new cell. Twice last week I made outgoing calls and I could hear the other person, but they couldn't hear me. And it's dropped about 5 calls this past week too. I'm thinking if this keeps up I may be trying another phone. I haven't listened to my music at all on it, so really, I could probably have gotten a cheaper one. Doesn't matter, it was buy 1 get 1 free, so we both got an upgrade and Steve never, ever uses his. Every time I need him the stupid phone is on his dresser. For this I pay $150 a month? Geez... On that happy note, I'm off to try to sleep. Later.


Meg said...

I lost my cell once. Ordered a new one. THE DAY it came in the mail, I found the old cell. Figures.

Oh well...the new one is pink. It's cute. And the old one is now Tai's, because his died. So it's not all bad.

Mindi said...

She let it dry out and it works! How's that for luck?