Saturday, June 9, 2007

Random Thoughts

So, Paris Hilton is back in jail. Good. I could go on about this, but why bother?

Isaiah Washington. You idiot. In a moment of stupidity you called someone a stupid, hurtful name and trashed a good part of your life. I'll say it again, idiot. I hope you learned that sometimes an apology comes too late and means too little. Oh, and just making a public service announcement doesn't make it all better either. I know I've done the same thing in a fit of anger, and the result may not have been the same for me, but I hope I learned my lession also. Words said in anger and stupidity usually come back and bite you in the ass. That's all I'm saying about that.

I tried to do a good deed last night and ended up catching hell for it. I work at night with one other person who is... Well, she doesn't always tell the truth about things. And she doesn't work very much. Call that what you will. Last night supposedly her husband had to go to the ER and she had to take him. Amazingly, this happened 2 minutes into her shift. When midnight came around and she was supposed to be on call, she wasn't back to work yet so I called the hospital and told them I'd take any calls since I was working late. I also sent an e-mail to my boss saying that I was taking her calls since she wasn't back yet. When she did get back an hour later I got a snotty e-mail from her about how she couldn't control the time it took at the ER and SHE would call the hospital and tell them SHE was back working. I told her fine, maybe a phone call at midnight would have been nice, so she shot back that I was being totally inappropriate, blah, blah, blah. Yes, I probably should have shut the hell up right then and there, but quite frankly I'm sick to death of working my butt off trying to get things done within turnaround time, things that both of us are supposed to be doing, so I sent back an e-mail calling her Miss Manners and saying the next time I needed advice about writing appropriate e-mails I'd contact her. I think it was the hydrocodone talking. Heh. Oh brother... She e-mailed our manager and I'm sure called her today as well with some sort of sob story. So next week we have to go in to HR and be verbally counseled. What the hell ever. This person has written e-mails to all the other transcriptionists saying she couldn't work the because her cable was out - it wasn't. She constantly has some reason why things don't get done, so this time I checked with the cable company. They didn't show any outages for her area and she never called them to report an outage. Seems to me when you need the internet to work, you'd report it if it wasn't working. But what do I know? She doesn't bother to show up for staff meetings half the time, and when she does she argues with everything everybody says. She sits with the same jobs in her work queue for the entire night and has more nonproductive (nontyping) time than probably the rest of us put together and no one does a freaking thing. But, I lose my temper one single time and get counseled. Whatever. I know I probably should have just ignored her, but it was like the straw that broke the camel's back. Our manager says we have to learn to get along... I think this other person needs to learn to work, but that's just my humble opinion. Apparently our hospital makes enough money it can pay people do to nothing.

I'm thinking of getting a new camera on pay day. Our Canon is okay, but it's old and drains batteries like crazy. My battery died on me the night of the Tim McGraw/Faith Hill concert and I was more than a little annoyed. I've had my eye on a Canon Rebel for awhile. I'd like to learn how to really take pictures, not just point and shoot, and the Canon lets you do both. The only thing stopping me is we really need a new computer too, and I can't afford both. Steve says he has no money to contribute. I say HAH! So be it, if I get something it's mine. (Insert maniacal laughter here). I was thinking about just a new monitor, but really the computer is about 6 or 7 years old and I've added all the memory I can add and it still slogs along and stalls altogether sometimes. I told Steve I wanted a computer for Christmas - he got me an external hard drive. Not quite what I had in mind, but I did put on my pictures on that, which freed up a lot of space from the computer itself, but it still doesn't run worth a crap with photo editing software and my DVD making software, it's just too old. I'll have to see. I think I'll get the camera first.

I need to get rid of some Eeyores. Seriously. Does anyone know a serious Eeyore collector who would like to buy some? At one point my collection was up to about 300, but I've given some away and sold a couple. I don't want to just put them on a garage sale or anything. For one thing, there's too darn many, and for another thing I want to make more than 50 cents apiece for them. I have everything from the little beanbags to the big Eeyore that cost about a hundred bucks when it was new. (Actually I have 2 of those, in different styles). I was a serious collector, but it just started taking over the house. I'm with my sister, Mel. I'm sick to death of the clutter in my house and it's time to get rid of it! I've sold some on eBay, bu they recently upped their listing prices on stuff and I have too many to sell. Maybe I'll put an ad in the paper. Oh heck, I don't know what I'm going to do...

Ben and Jojo got into another fight tonight. Grrrr. They haven't gotten into it for a couple of months, I must have been feeling a bit too comfortable about the whole thing! Jojo was eating dinner in the office with me tonight when Steve let Ben in. Ben has to be fed by himself because he can't leave everyone else alone while they eat. He downs a bowl of foot in about 20 seconds (for real), so he's foraging out of every else's bowl and that causes some problems. Anyway, Jojo hadn't finished eating yet and Ben stuck his nose in Jojo's dish. Jojo is old, past 12 probably, but he's a snarky old guy at times. I tell Steve his mouth has to learn to stop writing checks his body can't cash. Of course like the idiot I stuck my hands in there to separate them. Luckily I didn't get bitten, but I never stop to think until it's too late! No major damage done, though Jojo wouldn't leave my side for the rest of the night.

I'm covering another transcriptionist's on call time from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. tomorrow, so I want to get out and do something in the morning. Mom's having a garage sale, but sitting around a garage gets old fast. You always get the Hispanic people who can't speak English, or at least act like they can't speak English, and they try to give you the wrong amount for stuff they buy and then act like they don't know what you're saying when you tell them they owe more. Last year I got so ticked with this lady who gave me two quarters for about five bucks worth of stuff I finally just took the stuff out of her hand and put it behind me on the floor. So she left. I have no problems with immigrants. Just do it legally and learn to speak the freaking language people! That's how my family did it.

Okay, enough BS, I'm going to bed.


East of Eden said...

Perhaps you can do some googleing to find an eeyore group on-line and see if you can off load any there. Or you could always list things on Craigs list for free.

Mindi said...

Good idea. I tried that today and didn't find any Eeyore lists. I'm still thinking. I need to get rid of them, but I hate to just give them away, you know what I mean? I've spent a fortune on those things and gotten quite a few for gifts so some have sentimental value... I just can't make up my mind.