Friday, June 8, 2007

Okay, here they are...

Piccasa wouldn't load all of them at one time and since it's 2:30 in the morning I didn't feel like messing with them, but here are my Tim and Faith pictures. I have some more, but they're kind of blurry and not something I want to waste blog space with! But these are pretty good, n'est ce pas?

I was going to post a picture of the bruise I got on my leg when I fell up the stairs while going to our seats! Bottle of water... $3.00, Soul2Soul tour ticket... $150, watching some idiot fall UP the stairs... Priceless! Yeah, I'm a bit punchy.

As I said before, the concert was just fantastic, you can't help but feel the chemistry between Tim and Faith. At one point, when they were singing a duet, my sister said to me, "I feel like a voyeur!" Which was true, they only have eyes for each other and it shows!

Tim sang the song that he performed recently on the American Music Awards (? - I never watch those award shows), about a soldier who was killed in the war. I practically sobbed, I'm such a wuss, but it was a beautiful song! I can't say enough good about the concert.

The tax-money sucking Qwest Center - that's another ball of wax. I hate that place with a passion! I have a handicap parking permit because of my ankle and because of my back and neck pain, so we took that along with us to the concert. You don't have to pay to park if you have one, so that saved 6 bucks, but that was all the good it did. There were no handicapped places left. To be honest, even if you get one, you're still about 300 yards to the door and then the area is clear at the other end of the building. I bet by the time we got to the arena we had walked at least 5-6 blocks. Then, they had put the ramp down (one of the side runways from the stage, so we had to go up a flight of stairs to the first tier, follow that tier to the end of the arena and then go back downstairs to our seats. I'll be the first to admit I'm not in the best shape, unless you prefer round, but holy mother of Pete! I got about halfway up the flight of cement stairs when I fell down. Thank goodness the opening act had started and the arena was dark. Not that it mattered, I'm sure my face was glowing red! Mel and I had a good laugh about that when we finally got to our seats!

Of course that was the only way to get any drinks, was to go back up the stairs to the next level to the concession stand, none of the doorways on the mainfloor were opne, they were all blocked. Isn't that nice?

The parking is horrendous too. There are numerous gates in the parking lot, but the only way out is through the entrace, four lanes of traffic going out of the parking lot and it still took us almost half an hour just to get onto the street. That's just nuts! I'd really prefer to never attend another function there ever, but Trace Adkins is coming in September... LOL


Marc said...

The pictures turned out great!

JPD said...

This is a comment for an older blog on Wordpress. Wasn't sure you'd read it if I commented there. The Faith and Tim pictures are awesome though.

I'm a freelancer for public radio doing some research about Central Auditory Processing. I saw your post about it some weeks ago. Would you be willing to talk to me about it--I'm just researching at this point so any communication would be off the record.

You can email jpdukes at zworg dot com.