Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Insomnia, hair, and sonic booms!

I hate people who can just lay down and fall asleep. They annoy the heck out of me. As my husband snores away in the next room...

Went to my ortho surgeon today about this lumpy thing on the bottom of my foot. I'm supposed to have it removed next Wednesday. Now I'm all nervous about the surgery and wonder if I really want to have it done. Or course it would be nice to walk on the bottom of my foot instead of the side for a change, but I hate the thought of another surgery. I just hate it.

A friend of mine in the blogsphere wrote today about her 4-1/2-year-old daughter who cut her own hair. Luckily she has curly hair and is none the worse for the wear. I remember when Meg did that. Unfortunately, she didn't have curly hair. She grabbed her bangs in one handful and cut them off nearly to the scalp. I was ready to turn in my motherhood badge about then.

When I was younger I always had short, boyish cut hair. I hated it. My mother said it was because she had had braids and she hated it, but I really wanted long hair. All of us girls had to wear our hair short, I guess our mother couldn't be bothered to braid our hair. Anyway, I let Meg's hair grow out long, I loved it. She wore pigtails and braids and ponytails. I loved her hair. It was never long, long. Never much past her shoulders, but to me, that's long hair! When she was in about the sixth grade she had done some babysitting or something and wanted to have her hair cut. We finally decided, and she promised, that she'd only have it trimmed (yeah right). She was also being a little bit independent and wanted to go the beauty salon all by herself. After making her promise about 50 times that she'd only get her hair trimmed and not cut, and with with a lot of misgivings, Steve and I dropped her off and told her we'd be waiting in the car. I nearly had a heart attack when she walked out. It was so short! Of course she told the stylist to just trim it. She couldn't help what the lady just decided to do on her own, could she? Augh. It grew back. But now she's 26 and know how she wears her hair? Short. You just can't win at motherhood, and at 26 you're not even in the game any more.

Steve gets to go to Lincoln tomorrow night for a birthday party. A friend of his is turning 80. You think he'd have some friends his own age, wouldn't you? lol! I couldn't get the night off, I'm the only one working. Really, I'm the only one on the schedule too! (heh) So I'm going to stay home and work and he's going to go to a birthday party. Hardly seems fair, does it?

I was sitting at the home computer this morning about 11 o'clock when there was this huge BOOM that rattled the windows and literally shook the house. It scared the heck out of me and apparently had the same effect on the dogs too, since they all began running around yapping their fool heads off. I seriously thought a car had either hit my house or one of the big trees in the front yard. I ran to my office (the closest windows) and looked outside.... Nothing. What the...? I went to the front door and went outside, thinking maybe they had hit a neighbor's house or another tree on that side. Nothing. It was the oddest thing. I was starting to doubt my sanity (ha ha!) when I saw our neighbor getting his mail so I walked out to our mailbox it would be a shame to waste a trip outside afterall. Larry asked me if I had heard that boom. (Thank goodness... I'm not really losing it.) I told him I thought a car had hit the house and he said that was his first reaction too. According to the local news it was probably a sonic boom. I have to wonder though, people heard it from Fremont to Tabor, Iowa, which is like 80 miles. That was one heck of a boom, ladies and gentlemen!

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Meg said...

The boom sounds a weeeeee bit scary. Yikes!!

I hate it when people can fall asleep like that *insert snapping fingers here* too. It takes me a good two hours every single night to fall asleep. Ugh.