Thursday, June 21, 2007

Stupid weather and obsessed dogs

For the past few days I've been thinking we might get some rain, it's gotten really cloudy, but then as the rain approaches Omaha... pffft - all gone! The grass is looking a little brown around the edges, although I would think the stupid humidity would be enough to keep the grass green. I keep joking with my brother, Marc, that I'm growing gills. I'm quite sure I am, it's the only way you can breathe outside.

I got up this morning and thought I might try to go for a walk, but it was already 82 degrees. Forget that. Actually, I lost my glasses and spent the better part of a half hour looking for them. I was convinced that one of the dogs had taken them, but they turned up eventually. Steve found them when he was home for lunch, so I was walking around stumbling over furniture and dogs most of the morning. I don't have a white cane, so it probably wasn't safe for me to be out alone!

Steve went to Lincoln with Bob to go to a birthday party. I'm the only one working tonight, so I couldn't go. We had a little blip with the VPN tonight, but it finally is working okay again. It's so frustrating to deal with the help desk at the hospital at night. The girl had no idea what I was talking about when I called. She kept asking me what exactly the error message said. Finally I told her that usually when we can't connect to the VPN it's because the hospital's internet is down for some reason. She called me back about 10 minutes later to tell me she couldn't get into the internet either. Whatever. By that time I had gotten reconnected. I have no idea what she was doing.

Toby has been so funny the past couple of days. Dachshunds have a one track mind. When they start thinking about something they're obsessed. Steve used to tell me about his dachshund, Baron, that he had when he lived in Oregon. One day, Baron got it into his head that he was going to try to eat Steve's truck. Seriously. He chewed constantly on whatever part of the truck was closest to him. Steve said he finally had to start parking the truck in the barn to keep Baron from chewing on it! I've never seen anything quite that obsessive until now.

Yesterday Toby discovered the plastic bag of corn we have for the squirrels. It's been sitting in the corner of the deck for a couple months probably, but he discovered it yesterday. I went outside and he had a couple ears out of the bag and he wasn't going to let me anywhere near them. Well, he doesn't realize he's a paralyzed dog. He's not that hard to pick up and move, as long as you avoid the slashing choppers of his. I finally got him moved and the corn put back in the bag, so I wrapped the bag up put it on the railing of the deck. He literally stared at that bag all afternoon yesterday. If he wasn't sitting directly underneath it, whining, he was laying on his blanket, staring at it. Steve finally had to carry him in the house after dark last night, so he wouldn't get chewed up by the mosquitoes.

This morning, first thing when I let him out -- zoom, right under the corn. He wouldn't come in. Heck, he wouldn't even acknowledge me when I went outside with him! Steve moved the corn onto the picnic table at lunch, which is on a part of the deck that Toby can go on, so he stood at the fence and cried. I finally got tired of listening to that about 4 o'clock, so I put the corn in the grill, so he couldn't see it. Well, he couldn't see it, but he knew I moved it, so he growled and barked and showed his teeth when I tried to come back in the house. Little monster. About half an hour ago I finally had to go out and bring him in because he didn't want to leave his post. He's not happy with me at all. He's been whining at the back door and crying at my office door. All for a bunch of stupid dried up corn! It's an obsession I tell you. I haven't seen an obsession like this since..... Well, since Donny Osmond! LOL!

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Meg said...

Well for goodness sakes...what would it hurt to give him an ear of corn? LOL

Donny Osmond? Oh boy...