Monday, December 1, 2014

What The Hell?

When I was single and lived with female roommates I rarely wondered what was going on in their heads. We understood each other. At least until at one point another girl moved in with my roommate and me. I wonder if she is as irritating to her spouse as she was to me. But this isn't about her, it's about my husband. I love my husband, but he often leaves me wondering "What the hell?"

Tonight I had to get into our joint closet to get another blanket on our bed. Our closet has sliding mirrored doors, but the track is bent, so you can only open it from one side (his). No, this isn't my WTH moment tonight, this happened months ago. Now, I just go with the flow...  Well, tonight in order to get to the closet I had to move the laundry basket for the dirty clothes. So, I leaned over to move it and I found a pile of his dirty clothes RIGHT NEXT TO THE BASKET OF DIRTY CLOTHES. WTH??? Was the basket of dirty clothes confusing to you? Maybe you thought all the wadded up, stinky clothes were clean. Next time, try to hit the hamper. I love you, but I'm not your mothher.

Another famous WTH moment involves toilet paper. If you use the last of a roll, you need to get a new roll. He's been working on it. The biggest mystery is why change the toilet paper roll and then drop the empty roll on the floor for someone, oh, I don't know, maybe  the maid will pick it up for you. Except we don't have a damn maid! His other favorite trick is to leave the empty roll on, but start a new roll and leave it on floor ( See my earlier note about the non-existant maid.) Really, you spend hours in there, and you can't put up a new roll? Maybe not, the TP  roll holder has been sorta broken since we moved in. Ten years now, but whose  counting?

Ambien is kicking in... Later taters

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