Saturday, November 8, 2014

Good Bye, Dr. E!

Last night, I was talking to my friend, Kerry, when she asked me if I heard that Dr. E was leaving AAH, our vet clinic. I was totally gobsmacked. He had been at AAH for just over a year, but was quitting to support his wife in her job. I was so sad, I cried. I love AAH, and Dr. E wasn't the only vet, but he was one of my favorite! Dr Jay and Dr Dave are super vets, and I love them both, also, but after Ben got sick Dr Dave called Dr Jeff into consult because he was recently out of school and had more recent experience in cardiology and internal medicine. Of course, since Ben was my special buddy, Dr Jeff and I developed a great relationship, too. When Ben got to the end of the road, I had called Dr Jeff to ask him if we should increase the dose of something, or if there was something else we could try. He told me we could increase some of his meds, but others were maxed out. Then he told me medical science is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it makes people and animals live longer than they should.  He also told me Ben probably was feeling like he was drowning and finding it hard to breathe. It's hard to realize that an animal is suffering and you can't help anymore. All this happened on Thursday, Friday morning Ben ate his breakfast like always, with great gusto, but when Steve put Ben in the bed with me, Ben wouldn't lie down and acted like he was having a hard time breathing and I knew it was time. I'm so glad Dr Jeff was there to let me know it was really time. I know Dr Jay wouldn't tell me if it was time, he'll never suggest someone put an animal down.

Anyway, that's why I just have a bond with him. I found out today that his wife works at Conagra! As an accoutant! How's that for crazy? I hope she succeeds there and they don't regret their decision! I'd always use Dr Jeff again!

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