Friday, August 1, 2014

I'm Not Lost

I have to admit, I've had some days, okay, weeks that have been pretty sucky in the past month or so, but seriously, I am feeling better. Like, really better. No, no, no... I don't think what I've experienced is a "cure",  but I wish I had gone to the new rheumatologist long ago. Like last year when my friend, KH,  told me to give him a shot. Not literally, of course.

The road hasn't been without potholes, some you could lose a VW in, but I'm getting there. As a matter of fact, today, August 1, 2014, I did not take ANY pain medication until 10 PM.  That's right, at night! That's 2200 hours for you military minds. I didn't just lay in bed all day, either! No, sir! Steve was gone until about 12:30, so I did take my sweet time getting up today. It was about noon, but I stayed up late reading, so I slept until 10, got up, let the dogs out, and then went back to bed to read until he got home. You have to admit, bed is the most choice place to read. It's my favorite place...

After Steve got home I got dressed and we went to the company store. We got some awesome deals... The Banquet cheddar broccoli potato bake, which I love, had damaged cases for $2.00.  Oh yeah... 24 for $4! The lowest price I've seen at the store has been 89 cents each at Target a few weeks ago; usually $1.00 each at the Wal-Mart Marketplace. We also got six 3 - packs of Healthy Choice frozen yogurt, strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry. I love that stuff!

After we got home we unloaded everything and put everything in the freezer, then we went to Tractor Supply for dog food, then to Wally World looking for a part for the vacuum sealer, then home. We hung around the house until a little after 6, and then went to a fireside at the Mormon Trail Center where they were showing the movie, 17 Miracles. It was an amazing, testimony strengthening movie about the Willie - Martin handcart company, which traveled to Utah in 1856.  It was a very inspiring movie, but also very sad. The next time I feel like my life is impossible, I want to remember the hardships these people went through and what an amazing amount of faith they had that  God would not desert them.

Yes, people died, but not because God didn't love them or didn't hear their prayers; but because they had so much faith their burdens were lifted so they could return to Him. The miracles that kept the rest of the company alive were just that - miracles. If I had been watching the movie at home, instead of with about 200 other people, I would have cried a lot more than I did. Awesome, awesome movie! This is one movie I want to see again. I must own it!

Now we will see how I feel tomorrow. I did take one of my old pain meds when I took my bedtime meds. I wasn't pain free and I was too uncomfortable to fall asleep, but I feel GOOD!

We got to see Sister Tune (Tun-ay) tonight, which was wonderful! Sister Winterton and Sister Jensen (Jenson?) are going home next Thursday. I'll miss them even though they haven't been in our ward for a long time, they were sweet girls who I enjoyed having in our home.
And now?


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