Friday, September 16, 2011

Somebody shoot me

I had no idea how freaking painful this surgery was going to be. Since I broke my leg, I've had surgery, and it sure didn't seem this bad. I can't even imagine putting that darn boot on and making it tight on this leg. Maybe it would feel better - but I can't even stand the thought. It feels like someone is sticking a red hot poker into my right ankle, and I took my last pain pill until morning over an hour ago. Not good. Of course all my Dr. Pepper is in the refrigerator in the kitchen and I really don't think I can get out of bed again tonight. This is serious. Matt called to see if we could watch Hailey tomorrow. Like I'd say no. Ha ha ha... I forgot Steve is going to a gun show with Bob in Fremont, but mom is coming over, so we'll be fine. I never get to see her alone anymore, which really sucks, so there's no way I was going to tell, Matt I couldn't take her. She has another ear infection, poor thing. She has ears like Matt, I'm afraid. Later, I hear Steve, I'm going to get a Dr. Pepper yet! Aaaaaah, much better. I was just thinking about my mom's stepmother tonight. Don't even know where that thought came from, but once I started thinking about her, the memories started flooding in. Millie (I called her Mio) was so good to us when we were kids. My grandfather passed away when I was 6, but I have good memories of the time she was my step-grandmother. I know my mother was probably not very nice to Kay (her stepsister) or to Millie after grandpa died... Heck, if I know my mother, she probably wasn't pleasant to them before grandpa died, but I wish we could have stayed in touch with her. I wish I had gotten in touch with her when I got older to tell her how much the time I spent with her and grandpa meant to me. I can remember going out to their house and dyeing Easter eggs, and how patient Millie was with Missy and I. I also remember going over and spending the night and Kay painted my nails and actually talked to me! I'm not sure how old she was at the time, but I though she was beautiful and I loved her pink and white striped bedroom walls. Years later I read a book called "Cathy at the Crossroads" and the girl in that book had a pink and white striped bedroom and I always thought of Kay when I read the book. Millie was a good woman, and I wish I had let her know she played an important part in my childhood. I'd also like to apologize to Kay for my mother's behavior when Millie passed away. She had remarried and moved to Arizona, but her funeral was here. Oh brother, my mother was such a bitch that day. She acted like she was in charge and I"m sure it had to bother Kay, it bothered me and she's MY mother. Maybe I'll have to find Kay and at least let her know how much Mio meant to me. Meg came over tonight and then spent most of her time on the phone with a friend. Sometimes that girl just irritates the bejesus out of her. I love her, but sometimes she just tries my patience. As long as you agree with her you'll be fine, but heaven forbid you have an opinion that she doesn't share! Holy Moses she's a royal pain! Obviously she spent some of her formative years with my mother! LOL! She's not that bad, but it sounded good! Ack, this leg is ridiculously painful. Trying to figure out how I'm going to sleep tonight. I'm sure it'll work out. I think I'm going to watch some more Ghost Whisperer - although I'm getting kind of fed up with it at this point. I can believe in ghosts, really I can, but I can't believe this whole bit of her husband dying and jumping into a body just as someone else crosses over... Sounds like "Sam" had a lot of issues in his life and would have wanted to stay and work them out... Anyway, I'm almost to season five, so I'm going to keep watching, for now anyway. That's it for me tonight!

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