Thursday, September 29, 2011

Same Old Stuff

Wondering what the Weather Channel will post when they finally take the flood warning off Omaha's page? When all this flooding started and the Corps of Engineers were saying that some pple may not get back home until August, I thought that was such a long time, and now here it is the middle of September and a lot of people still aren't able to come back to their homes. In so many cases, the homes are totally ruined, so even if they're back to a point where they can get to their homes, they're not able to live in them - and heaven only knows how long it will take to get the insurance settlement and then they have to decide if they want to rebuild there or somewhere else. I'd have a hard time making a decision like that. Supposedly this was a big freak accident that just happened when everything came together for a disaster, so much snowpack from heavy snowfall in the northern plains, a late summer, etc., but I really think a big part of the problem was the COE holding too much water in the dam for the recreational users of Gavins Point and other lake and water rec areas in South and North Dakota and then when all the water hit they had nowhere for it to go. I'm scared the same thing will happen next spring if big changes aren't made over this winter. I feel sorry for everyone who is still displaced by the floods. Think I did a little much yesterday. I was so excited about hearing about a new app for my iPod that would put the latitude and longitude on a new program that keeps track of graves in the US. I was so jazzed about it that I didn't stop to think the whole thing through. I don't have an iPhone, I have an iPod touch with wi-fi, not on a 3G or 4G network. So, Steve and I went up to the cemetery up on Military after dinner to see if it would work or not - and.... Of course it didn't!!! Silly me. How did I think the GPS was going to work without being connected to anything? Duh. After we left the cemetery we went over to Mom and Bob's - to feed the possum. Ha ha ha... How many people do you know would make sure their wild nocturnal visitors are well fed? Not only does the possum have to be fed, but the squirrels need to have new corn, and the bird feeders need to be fed, I'm missing the bird feeder on our old deck. As glad as I was to see that thing gone before somebody (probably me) got killed out there! I loved watching the robins, cardinals, and blue birds, along with the little starlings and the big black birds that Bob hates. I loved taking pictures of them as they came up to visit. I felt lucky when the sqirrels came to visit too, so I could watch all the birds and animals interact. Took loots of photos last summer. Go back to Dr. E on Friday to hopefully get the staples out. I haven't been able to wear Das Boot. My ankle is really swollen since he had to chisel that plate out of the bone. Lots more bruising than I was expecting too. Never mi\\\gh, cause it's all done - Yahoo! I wonder if he hasCam walkers that I could get anew one. Let's ope so. My ankle gets terribly tired when I walk on it a lot, I think the boot would help That's it. Nothingn new.

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