Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yank it out by the roots!

Guess what I did today? I went to the DENTIST! Now I have wonderful pearly whites that I can show off to the world... Oh, wait, I'm getting a little carried away. Truthfully, I got my teeth cleaned, my mouth hurts like hell and I have to have a wisdom tooth pulled. Yay me. I love my dentist, well, not really love my dentist, as in I'd like to spend the rest of my life with him, but truly love him as a dentist. I've never even liked a dentist before, but Dr. T. has my true devotion. Unfortunately, the tooth that I've had two, count them, TWO, root canals on in the past needs to come out. I lost the crown the week before Hailey was born - and I carried it around in my purse thinking I would someday go to Dr. T. and get it fixed, but... Well, one thing led to another and then 18 months had gone by and I indulged in my favorite dessert from Boyd and Charlie's (a Tootsie Roll), and there went the filling. I tried willing it back into place for an evening and quite seriously was shocked that I didn't swallow it during the night, but the next morning I found that willpower will not keep a filling in place when you eat a sandwich, and that was that. Dr. T. (who knows I'm absolutely phobic about tooth extractions) told me I could just let it go because I'd had the root canal(s) and the tooth would just disappear with time. (Rot, is such a nasty word...) But, now my gums are red and tender around it and it has to come out. O-U-T, and it doesn't matter how phobic I am about dentists. To top it all off I have to go to an oral surgeon AND it's a wisdom tooth. At least Dr. T. was honest enough to tell me the pieces of tooth may break off and he didn't want to have to "dig around" (ouch) getting it out, so he needed to refer me to a specialist. Then I found out it's a wisdom tooth. Seriously? I need all the brains I can get. This could be bad. If you don't hear from me after next Thursday, it's because my wits are totally gone (the last marble rolled out of the jar, Charlie), and my passwords went with them.

Then, I went to see my dad. (Okay I DID stop at Krispy Kreme, but I only bought ONE blueberry glazed donut). His doctor (Marcel Marceau or whatever his name is) was moving him to the 10th floor at the VA, but only for a few days. Dad was a little ticked about that, but he did seem to be a little bit mellower, so I was kind of encouraged by that. I have to admit, I'd LIKE my dad to be better, so sometimes I'm suckered into thinking he's a little bit better when he really isn't, so I'm no one to judge, really... He had called last night telling me he had a "big surprise" to tell me about when I got up to see him today. Well - his big surprise is that he wanted me to call his lawyer and tell him to go ahead with the divorce. Ah huh... Well, dad, the surprise is on you because we told the lawyer a month or so ago that this divorce is going to go on.

Dammit all to hell... I just lost some wonderful writing... I hate this laptop. Now I have to wait until morning to try and get this mojo going again because I'm too tired to give it another go. Damn you, ctrl+z. I hate you.

Adios amigos.

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