Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Weekend is uh oh ver...

Storms on their way in tonight. Yes, it does suck to be me. Start out feeling good and then kind of wimp out through the day. I made the chicken enchhilada filling today and Steve put them together. They were pretty good Mom and Bob came over for dinner, and then mom looked at the slides that Mike had touched up, so that was kind of fun. Told mom she better hold on to her jawbones since she's been taking Alendrenate also. Bad stuff, according to the oral surgeon and it has a 10-year half-life, so it doesn't even matter if you quit taking it That sucks.

I'm really tired tonight. Already had my ambien, so, I think I'll be out before too long! I hope all my peeps, you know who you are - had a great weekend. Next on the menu is going to be chicken fajitas, but not until my jaw has healed. I could use some good luck and prayers that nothing bad happens and no infections show up after the extraction. Hey! I'd do it for you!!


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