Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stardate... um... never mind that nonsense

It actally has been a good week as far as family stuff goes. Sunday night Matt, Magann, and Hailey came over for dinner. Hailey can put me in a good mood, no matter what else is going on. She went shopping with Matt to get a "fimmin' nulu", which in Haileyspeak is a swimming noodle. LOL! I wish I had a swimming pool. Might ask Dr. Seitz for a new rx for aquatic therapy and go again. Don't have any reason not to go now, I'm not watching Hailey anymore. I guess every cloud has a silver lining. I'd like to join the health club up at Immanuel again. That's a lot closer, but just don't have the $$ to go. I was thinking I might have the money to do it in August, but probably not since I gave Matt my cell phone money bill this month for his attorney. Oops. Well... That's what mother's are for, right? I couldn't tell you from experience, since my mother wouldn't give me the time of day, let alone money, but that's what I think a good mom should do. It's not like I was giving him money to go on a cruise or something, it's for Hails.

Last night Meg and Jason came over for dinner. Meg used the Cricut do so some stuff for Webolos while I took a nap. Jason also got a nap in, in the frigid basement. I guess he's more comfortable down there, but I would have felt bad if he had gotten frostbite. It's wicked cold down there - in my opinion. Steve brought home chicken and the worst potato salad we've ever had from Baker's. The chicken was great, though. I can't remember the last time I got to see both my kids and their families in the same week. It was nice.

Fibro-wise this week absolutely SUCKS. I was in bed all day Monday, napped while Meg was here yesterday because I felt so tired, and today I slept for awhile after lunch. I think it's kind of odd when you have to nap 2 hours after you wake up, but I guess that's life when you have this crap. Today I took things into my own hands and started a prednisone taper. I took 15 mg today, in a couple days I'll go to 10 mg, and then back to 5 mg, and see how I feel. I do feel a little better this evening, but I took the prednisone after 3 p.m., so I'm wondering how that's going to affect my sleep. I usually have very bizarre dreams if I take it that late, but if it works, it will be worth it.

Another good thing was that I didn't have to go to Scottsbluff for the VA admission committee meeting. Dad's Veteran's Service Officer agreed to testify in dad's behalf. Whew. I really don't think I could have made it this week, I really don't. Eight hours is just too long to sit and drive, and with a meeting tomorrow morning at 8:30 and then the drive home again I can just about guarantee being in bed for the entire weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed and saying lots of prayers that things go in our favor tomorrow - for a change. Missy has had a migraine for 5 of the last 7 days and I imagine Mel is about at the end of her rope between dad and Sleeping Beauty. I know I get frustrated when she can sit up all night drinking margaritas with her friend, yet has such a headache she can't take care of dad the next day. That's not a migraine, that's a hangover - which probably went into a migraine, since she's not supposed to drink alcohol. Then after recuperating (sleeping) for 2 or so days, she's on the phone whooping it up and laughing with someone and then half an hour later has to go to the hospital for a shot. I don't get it. When I have a regular headache I hate to laugh or talk loud because my head hurts so bad. I tried to talk to her last week abot how she can't sleep all day when she's supposed to be watching dad - hello, did he not just drink antifreeze while sitting right next to her? Oh, she knows, she told me she won't to that anymore. She'll always be up with him and making sure he goes to Sarah Care. He hasn't been to SC since he got out of the hospital and that was one of the conditions of his release. Yes, I know I'm being a witch because I won't drive a 30 mile round trip to take him to SC. He is supposed to me Missy's responsibility during the day - and we've ALL agreed to that. If she can't do it, it's HER responsibility to find someone else. Mel asked her to be home on Sunday night at 5, so Mel could go to work and get time entered and Missy told her she's absolutely be there. Yeah, she came home Monday afternoon. I just get frustrated. Probably shouldn't think about it since stress is a literally a pain with fibro, which nobody in my family gets. That's for another rant on another day.

India sent me the name of a company that hires disabled people to work part time and they keep your wages under the $1000 a month mark - where you'd lose your benefits. Maybe I should look into that. Maybe I wouldn't be so bored if I weren't so tired though... Get busy on my cemetery stuff. I've got hundreds of pictures to add to both websites. I thought about going out to take pictures today, but the heat index was over 100 - so I shelved that idea... and took a nap instead. I'm not looking forward to winter, or even fall for that matter, but a little cooler would be okay.

Tomorrow I need to print some pictures of Cookie and send them off to her former owner, Joyce. She's written Meg a few times and said she's like some pictures. I really wouldn't mind driving down to Crete so she could see Cookie, but really don't know how well Cookie would do in the heat either - and then I have to find out of the nursing home would let her in. I think it's just hell getting old.

Started watching Ghost Whisperer today. For some reason I can get Season 5 on the bedroom TV, but nothing earlier; although I can get Seasons 1-4 on my computer. The computer it is then - I can be flexible if I have to! I never really watched it before. It's sadder than I expected, but it's a good show.

Oh, if my spelling sucks, blame Blogger, they took the spellcheck off the options.

And thus endeth the epistle of the day.

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InjA said...

I have to say, I was about ready to slice my wrists this morning. Who am I kidding? I was ready a couple of years ago...but reading your blog is almost as good as talking to you, because you still make me laugh! I wish we had gotten to REALLY know each better, before all this crap happened. But hey, better than not at all, right? Have stuff to tell you when my devil's spawn is not around. I sometimes wonder though, do you think I AM CRAZY?