Saturday, July 30, 2011


Forgot to mention that Ruger got out tonight. Must've been when the missionaries left, even though Steve and I didn't see him get out. About 45 minutes after we left, Steve heard Buttercup barking and when he went out to check on what she was going on about and he found Ruger sitting on the front porch barking and waiting to get in. Apparently, he wasn't barking his usual bark, but Steve said he sounded kind of scared. I'm so thankful he's okay. It was dark out and we live on a relatively busy street, although it's not a major street - it's the main street that goes through the subdivision - so there is more traffic in front of the house and the back and side. I'm glad he didn't get hit by a car or something out there in the big, bad world outside the house. Poor Ruger...

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