Friday, July 29, 2011


The other day I started myself on a prednisone taper. I figured I'd be having odd dreams - and I wasn't wrong. I wonder about dreams sometimes anyway, where do those ideas come from?

The first odd dream I had included some old friends of mine from before I was married the first time. One of them even passed away about 4 years ago and I hadn't even spoken to him for about 30 years. Kind of odd that I would even have him be in a dream, wouldn't you think? I don't remember the whole dream, but it had something to do with going on a trip. Just odd.

Last night I dreamed that a girl I used to work with at the police station and I were going to an offsite to pick up some mail or something, but the offsite was my grandparents old duplex - that's been gone for 40 years. Once we went inside there were some policemen I recognized but can't remember their names and then one that I do know who has retired. I always wake up from these dreams thinking "What the hell was that about?" Why do you dream about people you "know", but aren't friends with and don't have any interaction with on a regular basis? Have to wonder what goes on in our memory, don't you? Sometimes when I dream things they're actually old memories that I can remember when I wake up, I remember places and doing things that I had forgotten - I can understand that, but other times? My grandma used to call nightmares "night hawks". I don't know why she called them that, but she did. She wouldn't let me eat cereal before bed because she said I'd have "night hawks" if I did. She had some funny ideas - and I didn't have any cereal the past 2 nights!

Something else that I think is strange, whenever I dream about my mom and dad, they're always still married - or at least still together. I never have dreams where Pam or Fred (mom's husband) appear, just mom and dad together. I never thought mom and dad would stay together, I always had the feeling they would end up divorced, so I don't think I was "traumatized" by the whole thing, so I feel like them always being together when I dream about them is creepy.

Oh well, enough analysis for tonight. I've already taken my Ambien so I probably won't even remember typing this tomorrow. Since I got home so late from taking dad to the doctor today I didn't take any prednisone, so we'll see what bizarre dreams I have (or not) tonight.

See you in my dreams (Bwa ha ha....)

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