Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 5th of July

We had a good day yesterday - I think it was a relatively good weekend, actually. Some things actually got done in the house, like shampooing my craft room - woo hoo! The kitchen may or may not have gotten cleaner, but it certainly got decluttered. Now,if I could just twitch my nose and have the rest of the house cleaned and decluttered, I'd be really happy. I guess my name isn't Samantha for a reason.

Yesterday Mom and Bob came over for dinner. It was kind of funny, I originally wanted to try to have Matt and Magann and Meg and Jason over, but nobody's schedule meshed, so Steve and I thought about just cooking hot dogs and making some frog eye salad. We decided to call mom and Bob since I wasn't sure what their plans were, and when I told mom we were cooking out, she immediately gushed, "Steaks? Those steaks you made last time? If you get them I'll even pay for them!" Well, the hot dogs went out the window at that point! I had to laugh when I went to the grocery store though, Hy-Vee has bacon-wrapped sirloin filet at $5 each, but they were on SALE at the amazingly low price of.... $4.99!!! What a bargain! I saved 4 cents! Doesn't matter though, they are goooooood steaks, so I would have paid full price. Ha ha ha...

Steve made his infamous frog eye salad yesterday morning, we had some baked potatoes and mom brought a coconut cream pie from Village Inn for dessert. Oh my gosh, I was stuffed - what a great meal! After dinner we watched Green Hornet (some of us for the second and third times...) and just relaxed while dinner settled, and they left about 8:30.

Our plan was to go watch the fireworks from The Champions Club at 10, so around 9:15 we took off, loaded with insect repellent, a blanket, and several sodas. We found a great place just east of the golf course on a little frontage road, which was just perfect. I've been trying the Off insect and mosquito fan, that you just hook to your belt or clothing and it's supposed to keep the skeeters at bay. It seemed to work pretty good last night. I got a few bites on my legs, but not too bad. Steve used the spray on stuff and got more bites than I did, so I think the fan is the way to go. It was a nice night, not to bad for July, although it was pretty humid. Most of the time I thought bugs were on me, it was sweat rolling down my neck - ick, but it could have been a lot worse. We were both thinking of Hailey last night; last year we took her to the fireworks. I was kinda glad to be taking her to her first fireworks display - at the tender age of 10 months! She did great until the fireworks started - when she fell asleep! She even slept through the grand finale and when we got home I changed her into jammies without waking her up and she slept all night. So much for Nana and Papa taking her to her first fireworks. I hope she had a good time this weekend and didn't get too scared by all the loud booms.

I was tired when we got home, but couldn't sleep. At 2:30 I was still tossing and turning, and the next thing I know I realized Ben was whining to go outside. Because of all the neighborhood fireworks, only Cookie would go out before bed last night, not because she's brave or anything, she's stone-cold deaf! The fireworks didn't boether her at all. So, I got up at 5:24 to let the dogs out, first Ben, then Ruger, then Heidi... Thankfully they all came back in together! I barely had a chance to get back to bed before Steve's alarm went off. I dozed while he took a shower, and now here I am again, wide awake at 8:20. Need I add I'm feeling pretty ugly this morning. My hands are on fire (can we say "flare"), and I just can't find a comfortable position. Very, very achy. I'm trying to decide if it's because I got in the way of all Steve's mosquito repellent last night, the Fosomax I took yesterday, or because the weather is supposed to be stormy today. Whatever it is, I don't feel too great.

As for my other addiction of late, the jury in the Casey Anthony trial got the case for deliberation yesterday. Now I'm just watching and waiting to see what they decide. It really would be a hard case to decide - especially if you hadn't seen what a skank she's been while the trial has been going on and seeing things the jury didn't see. I hope they make the right decision and that little girl's soul can finally have some piece.

Now that the 4th is over, I'm looking ahead to going to Scottsbluff later this month for dad's VA admission hearing. I'm sure hoping I don't end up going alone! Wish me luck with that one will ya?


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