Friday, July 1, 2011

4, 3, 2....

It's almost the 4th of July!!! I love my country and I'm proud of our forefathers who worked so hard to make this country what it is... Well, what it was 3 years ago. :-) Nobama in 2012 and we'll make this a country to be proud of again! I just get goosebumps when I hear the National Anthem or America the Beautiful, I know if we can all make a move closer back to God, He'll bless this country as he has in the past. I just get so exasperated with people who don't get the connection - especially people who are "religious". Do they not see the connection between living lives that aren't pleasing to God and the destruction of nations in the past? Well, I didn't start this to be a religious rant - just want to say I'm proud of our country and I'm proud of the men and women who have died to defend it!

I have to admit, I'm not so fond of the fireworks - the neighborhood kind... They started about the middle of June and of course tonight is just crazy with people setting them off. They're actually selling them in Omaha this year. I don't know if I'm hearing more, but they sure are loud. The dogs are none too fond of them, either! Every once in awhile an especially loud one will go off and then they all start connipting. Fools. Good thing they're cute, because they can really get on my nerves! If I knew the fireworks would be over on Tuesday, they might be a little easier to take, but I know that's too much to hope for!

Mike, Amy, and the kids will be here Tuesday, that's something to look forward to...After Amy gets back to Tennessee from their vacation here, she's going to El Salvador. I hope she has a wonderful trip - she's going as a missionary from her church and will be staying a week, I think.

The weather has just sucked the past 2 days. Yesterday the heat index was about 105 - very humid and just plain nasty. The kind of day where you step outside and immediately drenched in sweat. Ugh. Today was hot, it got up to 99 degrees, but it wasn't as humid - a dry kind of heat - LOL... I almost enjoyed today though.

Stupid fibro is dealing me fits - still, not again. Yesterday I was having such bad pains in my chest that at one point I seriously considered going to the ER to make sure it wasn't a PE, but then it was better, so I didn't. That's the bad thing about this stuff that makes you feel so achy and icky all the time, I never know if it's something related to the fibro or the arthritis, or if I should be worried! So, I just try not to worry! The body aches haven't been so bad, but my neck and shoulders have been miserable. When I can get Steve to massage my back, I can feel where the muscles are all tightened up. Today I sat with my warming beanbag around my neck for most of the afternoon, but I can't say it helped too much.

Of course, I'm still watching the Casey Anthony trial. India says it's my drug - she may be right. The prosecutions rebuttal was today and they have tomorrow off and then Sunday they will give their closing arguments. I hope the jury comes to a guilty verdict quickly.
Her mom was caught lying today when of her former employers testified that she was at work when she said she was home searching for "chlorophyll" on her home computer. Busted!! I really think Cindy Anthony thought her employer wouldn't have records from 3 years ago. Idiot. Personally, I think she's an idiot anyway for trying to defend her daughter - the murdering witch. Caylee would have been 6 years old this coming August 9. The whole thing makes me so sad. I look at Hailey and wonder how anyone could hurt a child of that age. They're so sweet and trusting, especially of their parents. I can understand why her grandfather (Casey's father) tried to kill himself to be with her. I can't imagine the pain of losing your grandchild. I pray that I never have to know what that feels like. I asked a question on a message board that I was on today - I asked if others would lie in court to save their child, especially if their child's guilt was so obvious - as in Casey's case. Most everyone said no. It would be hard to say what you would do in that situation, of course, but I guess if you raise your children right and teach them to be accountable for their actions you have to trust they would never do something like Casey did. I'd never stop loving my kids, no matter what, but in a situation like that, I sure wouldn't lie for them. Doesn't Cindy Anthony thing of Caylee? It's like she threw Caylee's memory away to try to save Casey - and for what? Casey obviously doesn't have much love for her parents either, making those horrible accusations about her father (which the defense couldn't prove, by the way). One day in court Cindy mouthed, "I love you" to Casey and she just turned her head and acted as if she didn't see her. Very sad. Her attorneys asked for a mistrial today and were denied, they they asked for an acquittal of 3 of the charges, which were also denied. That made my day. Nothing as exciting as yesterday when a spectator was charged with contempt for "flipping" off Jeff Ashton, the lead prosecutor. I actually think he was doing it to be funny, he was looking right at the camera when he did it. Judge Perry gave him 6 days in jail and a $653 fine. Serves him right the little jackass. The whole trial could have gone down the tubes if he had been seen by a member of the jury. I don't know why, but that's what the judge told him. The guy was 28 too, come to find out, a little too old for such stupidity.

Steve and I went to Romeos for dinner tonight and then took a drive down Dodge Street to see the crowd at Memorial Park for the 4th of July concert and fireworks display. We went one year and that was enough for me. Too many people, too hot, and you have to park too far away. No handicap parking. No thanks. I thought about maybe going up to the empty lot where Baker's used to be at 72nd and Blondo, but when we got home I decided to get ready for bed and just crash. You can hear them from here, but can't see them because of all the trees. Maybe if Hailey had been here, but it wasn't that big of a deal to me. Just last year Steve and I took her to watch the fireworks at the Championship Club - silly us - she was all of 10 months old and fell asleep just before the show started. She slept right through the whole thing! I'd do it all over again too!

I downloaded 25 books on my Kindle today - all free. I love and I love my Kindle. I should be set for books until the end of the year - and if they keep having good free books, I'll keep downloading them!

That's it for today. Remember to hug your kids and pray for Caylee this weekend!

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